Yahoo, Allure, Hello Giggles, Trend Hunter Review NEW Beauty Bakerie Cake Face Concealer

Reviews of Cake Face Concealer by Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand

Cake Face Concealer does the job better than coffee to wake up your face with color-correcting, full-coverage formula. With eight shades specially brewed for full matte coverage, Cake Face Concealer is the perfect skin pick-me-up for hiding blemishes, spots, or scars. 


When Yahoo announced our new Cake Face Concealer collection, all eyes were on diversity - a common theme throughout all of our product launches. Why? Because representation and inclusion is core to what we do, and we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy makeup!

Yahoo praised Beauty Bakerie CEO and founder Cashmere Nicole for not only understanding the issues around diversity in the beauty industry, but also addressing them to meet the needs of people of all skin types and tones. Click here to visit the digital summit and see the results! 


Allure featured our new Cake Face Concealer along with the headline, "Beauty Bakerie Has a Comprehensive Plan to Create a More Diverse Beauty Brand."

All Cake Face Concealer Shades | Concealer by Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand

In the midst of competitors' product launches that have received criticism from some for a lack of diversity, we felt it was important to show an inclusive range of products. Allure summed it up perfectly by saying, "While it's obviously easier for large brands to expand makeup lines, even smaller, independent brands can create inclusive products, and black-owned brand Beauty Bakerie is an example of exactly how to do that." Thanks, Allure!

Check out what Allure had to say about another recent product launch.


Highlighting our digital summit, where we ask our customers to give us feedback, Bustle commended Beauty Bakerie for "taking a unique approach to the production process by getting those beyond their boardrooms and beauty labs involved," and "It's worth applauding the brand for taking the funds and research to make a more comprehensive line."

Bustle also pointed out the inclusiveness of the current shade range, with two shades in each major category (light, medium, dark and deep), while pointing out that there's still room for growth. They also took a cue from our founder and CEO Cashmere Nicole, referencing our "#NoShadeLeftBehindAct" that aims to include both the pale and deep tones that tend to be excluded.

Check out the full Bustle article here.


Popsugar's review covered the texture and range of how to use our Cake Face Concealer, saying "a little goes a long way, and each one can be used to spot-treat, highlight, and even contour." With anything you need from a concealer, Popsugar said our new shades are "good complexion corrector[s]," "pigmented," and have a "gel-like texture."

Read the full Popsugar review here.

Hello Giggles

Featured in Hello Giggles' Beauty Bulletin of best product launches, Cake Face Concealer's coverage was top of mind for Associate Beauty Editor Alyssa, "I just wanna take a bite out of it, it looks so delicious. But aside from this being a sweet treat, the concealer actually helps to hide dark circles, blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation."

"The best part? They are asking customers for input on how they can become an even more inclusive brand."

Giving a shout-out to our digital summit, where we ask our customers what they're looking for in concealer, Hello Giggles also mentioned our new blush palette, Scoops Elysees Blush Palette

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter highlighted the range of indulgent treats at the Bakerie, paying special attention to the new collection of Cake Face Concealer. Similar to Hello Giggles, Trend Hunter emphasized the digital summit where we ask those who don't see their perfect shade to speak up and help us create a more diverse, inclusive collection. Click here to see results from our digital summit!


Echoing the emphasis on diversity and inclusion, HYPEBAE called out the Beauty Bakerie digital summit, and our commitment to growing our shade range with our customers in mind!

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