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Cashmere Nicole on Founding Beauty Bakerie

"Having an artistic nature, Beauty Bakerie is an extension of prior passions that were fickle. This was the only thing I pursued relentlessly within the realm of arts; I loved it, couldn't walk away from it, and I stayed committed. I wanted to create a brand that contradicted the popular “bad girl” persona that the mainstream media was pedaling – to show girls that there’s nothing wrong with upholding a sweet and friendly nature. I had no idea that it would grow into what it has today.

In my opinion, I was the opposite of what success looked like. I was a single, 16-year-old mother on welfare. My rent was late every month and we waited in lines for donated coats. It should be no surprise that through your purchases, I am able to visit GoFundMe each month and cheerfully search for and donate to a teen mother, a person battling breast cancer, someone on the brink of homelessness-sometimes anyone going through any adversity. It is my way of giving back to the people and organizations that helped my daughter and I survive along the way.

When you think of Beauty Bakerie, I guess I just want you to always know that there is a real person behind this brand. I do real things and I really do those real things all in an effort to drown out the noise and get us back to our core-we're all sweet despite the challenges that could have made us bitter, but instead made us better. We can rise above what we once were and walk in our purpose.

Life is sure to hand us lemons, but I strongly believe that it is up to us to change our perspective on how we deal with adversity. I overcame the struggles of teenage parenting, and I overcame breast cancer and loss only to arrive at a place of peace. It is the sweetest peace I've known. Truly indescribable. This, Beauty Bakerie, is a piece of that peace that I want to share with you. 

This story is just beginning. Walk with me."

Love, Light and too much Cake,


Read more from our Founder and CEO here.

1 Response


October 22, 2018

Hi Cashmere, Thanks to being asked to leave my apartment because my tub, sink and shower were being re-glazed, I spent time at the library reading the latest issue of Essence magazine. Great article. Always appreciate knowing about and who has risen above cancer’s challenges. And, YOU created a cool company too.
I am at risk too, but I don’t think about it. What I want is a tutorial for a mature woman. My hair is a short silver mixed natural (I gave up on color and relaxing years ago). I rarely ever wear make-up, but appreciate the enhanced beauty of those who do. I’m a plump 70.
???Are the ingredients non-carcinogenic and not tested on animals?
Thank you for creating the Beauty Bakerie.

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