Do It For the CAUSE during Lyme Disease Awareness Month!

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

In honor of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, we are donating a percentage of proceeds from all Do It For the Graham Palette sales to the Global Lyme Alliance!


Our mission is to be Better not Bitter... And we were inspired by the story of Sydney, a Beauty Bakerie Sweetie who was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease in 2017.

Lyme Disease Awareness Month at Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand

“Sydney’s strength is admirable. They also use their voice to speak out against injustices that affect people beyond the very illness that they're battling; that we battle with them. They're a reminder to Sweets everywhere that we gain strength when we set ourselves aside and fight for others.” - Cashmere Nicole, CEO and Founder

What is Lyme disease?

We sat down with Sydney to ask some questions about Lyme disease, and why it's so important to increase education and research around this often mis-diagnosed disease.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your story. When were you diagnosed with Lyme Disease? What changed for you once you were diagnosed?

A: My symptoms started around nine years ago... We couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and it wasn’t severe enough to prevent me from living my life as normal, so I just accepted the mystery and ignored the pain. When I started college, my symptoms began adding up... My mom has Lyme disease, and the similarities in our symptoms concerned her. At my mother’s urging, my doctors ordered Lyme disease and tick panel tests. Once again, results were negative or inconclusive. This process repeated itself for several years, and at least seven doctors, as my symptoms continued building.
Starting in October 2017, my health rapidly declined to the degree where it interfered with, and sometimes prevented, my education and work. At this point -from my personal research and knowledge of my mom’s experience with Lyme disease - I was confident that I had Lyme and/or other tick-borne diseases.
I went to a Lyme specialist in late November of 2017, and was finally diagnosed with Lyme neuroborreliosis, ehrlichiosis, and bartonella--three tick-borne diseases. The neurological aspect meant that the bacteria had crossed the blood-brain barrier and infiltrated my brain... Going to a Lyme literate doctor is the best choice you can make for your health if you think you have a tick-borne disease, but it’s a huge economic burden that isn’t accessible to a vast amount of people.

Q: Why did you decide to support Global Lyme Alliance?

A: Global Lyme Alliance has been a critical resource to me, prior to and since my diagnosis. GLA is a nonprofit organization that funds research, education, and awareness for Lyme and other tick-borne diseases. During my nine years trying to identify what was wrong with my health, GLA’s website provided me with information on the complexities of testing, the expansive list of symptoms, recommendations of Lyme-literate MDs, and links to relevant research, articles, and videos that aided me in finding appropriate treatment and a sense of community.

Q: How did you meet Cashmere? Why did you decide to work with Beauty Bakerie? 

A: I met Cashmere in Spring 2015... I’d seen Beauty Bakerie’s Lip Whip videos on Tumblr, and asked to sample her products and interview her... Her products were just as fun and long-lasting as the videos showed them to be, and I had so much fun talking with Cashmere for our interview. I knew immediately she’d always be a good friend. Beauty Bakerie quickly became my favorite cosmetics company, and I talk about how great the products are whenever anyone asks for makeup advice. I reached out to Cashmere about a collaboration for Lyme disease research and awareness because we’d bonded over our time being severly ill. As a cancer survivor, Cashmere understands what it’s like to be in and out of hospitals, doing strenous treatments, all while trying to work and use your struggle to better the world. I knew she’d approach a collaboration with a genuine care for me and others afflicted with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

Q: Beauty Bakerie's mission is to be Better not Bitter. How do you apply that to your battle with Lyme Disease?

A: While I’m certainly frustrated that I’m going through this, and upset with how much it’s affected my life, I try to use my experiences as a way to raise awareness. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been very public about my battle with Lyme, bartonella, and ehrlichia... I believe in the power of narrative as tool for change, and Lyme doesn’t have many public narratives. I share my story to educate people about the dangers of ticks, effects of these diseases, treatment options, and how treatment currently only exists for those of us who are economically privileged.

Q: What piece of inspiration would you give our customers?

A: Cashmere said recently [...] that we must choose our words carefully so that we uplift each other. The same goes for Lyme disease. If we’re able, we should share our stories to build the community and enact change... Lyme is the fastest growing vector-borne disease in the United States. We still have a long way to go in fixing this public health crisis, and making our experiences known is a first crucial step to making early and accurate treatment and testing accessible to all.

Where do you come in?

Support the Global Lyme Alliance in the month of May by purchasing our Do It For the Graham Palette! A percentage of proceeds from our palette go to Global Lyme Alliance, all month long!

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