Game of Cones Palette Now Available!

You asked for it and we keep making your dreams come true! A sugar storm of color is heading your way with the launch of our brand-new Game of Cones Palette. This palette is packed with iridescent shimmers and mighty metallics in vibrant hues bursting with pigmentation. Let your eyes do the talking and look majestic AF like the queen you are! These all-new shadows are sure to satisfy your craving for color.

“Game of Cones excites me because in terms of aesthetic, I'm taking the customers and the brand to a place we haven't yet gone. Our name and theme do not limit us, they liberate us; my creativity has wings. I'm pretty amazed at where we can go next"
-Cashmere Nicole CEO and Founder of Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics

Product Description

“Our Game of Cones: Fury of the Oven eyeshadow palette places your eyes under the protection of the dragon’s wings. With shimmers and metallics spearheading the heat, you can go dark and grungy, or strong with pops of color, either way, it can usher you to your destiny! “

Don’t Miss Out

You don’t want to miss out on this 🔥🔥🔥 palette. Visit today to stock up before it flies away. You can also journey to select ULTA stores to get your queen on rn!

1 Response

Charmain Daniels

December 24, 2018

The Ulta by me here is Houston didn’t have this palette. I’ll be ordering soon. Can’t wait.