Get NUDE: Nude Shades for Every Skin Tone

Get Nude Colors for Every Skin Tone | Coffee & Cocoa Palette by Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand

Let’s get real.

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking for a nude shade of makeup and only finding colors that don’t match your skin tone. Sometimes, the shades are so not nude that we don’t need to take a second look to know they just won’t work.

At Beauty Bakerie, we support diversity – in people and in beauty. We think everyone should be able to get nude with their cake, and it shouldn’t require mixing three different colors to get that perfect shade. We’ve made it our mission to create an inclusive line of flavors, so wherever you fall on the skin tone spectrum, we make it easy for you to find the right nude!

Keep on reading, and we’ll break down how to get the perfect nude look for every skin tone with brow, lip, and face faves.

Fair Skin

Starting from the top of your cake, you’ll want to use our BROWnies Eyebrow Gel in Blonde. This shade will emphasize your brows without contrasting too much with fair skin. (We’re going for nude, not night out.)

For your face, dust on our Flour Setting Powder in Translucent to set your foundation in place for all-day wear. This amazing, colorless formula puts the oily face battle to rest and leaves you with a matte finish. For extra glow, add a dash of our So Icy Illuminator in Candied. The sweet rose flavor is perfect for emphasizing fair skin and works as a playful, light-reflecting blush.

Top off your look with our Honey Lip Whip, a soft, pale rose shade that gives you an effortless pinch of pink to match Candied So Icy cheeks.

Medium Skin

For medium skin tones, your best bet for brows is BROWnies Eyebrow Gel in Taupe. As a rule of thumb, brow gels that are one shade lighter than your skin tone are best for a natural look.

For your face, dust on our Flour Setting Powder in Pink. This flavor is perfect for brightening up a medium complexion, or dust on an extra serving to use as blush. Pair with our So Icy Illuminator in Iced to bring out the warmth in your skin and add a rosy glow. So sweet!

Finish the look with our I Like to Chai Chai Lip Whip, for a perfect medium-complexion flavor combination.

Medium-Dark Skin

For your brows, emphasize that beautiful shape with our BROWnies Eyebrow Gel in Brown.

Then dust on our Flour Setting Powder in Translucent to lock in your foundation and get an ultra-matte finish. Translucent Flour is versatile since it’s colorless, so while we also recommend this for fair skin too, Translucent Flour can be used by anyone! The cherry on top is a dusting of our So Icy Illuminator in Glistened. This "Trophy Wife" gold will warm up your complexion with a dash of shimmer. 

Top off the look with our Lip Whip in Gingersnap. This flavor is the perfect nude for medium-dark beauties! It will spice things up without any touch ups.

Dark Skin

Start your baked beat with the holy grail of brows in Dark Brown BROWnies Eyebrow Gel. It’s the perfect hue for darker skin tones.

Moving on to your face, dust on our Flour Setting Powder in Brown. Unlike some white setting powders, it won’t give your face an ashy or white cast under lights or camera flashes. You know you’ll be looking good after using setting powder, so prep with the best and get ready for your closeup.To get that bronzed goddess glow, sprinkle on our So Icy Illuminator in Glazed to enhance your natural sparkle.

Your look isn’t complete without a Lip Whip! Depending on your skin tone, we recommend our Syruptitious or Chocolate For Breakfast Lip Whips for the hottest nudes you’ve ever seen.

Diversity for Our Sweets!

The perfect nude look is all about highlighting dewy skin, groomed brows, and pouty lips. Voila! Beautiful no-makeup makeup for every skin tone.Coffee & Cocoa Palette

And if you can’t tell, we’re vocal about diversity in the beauty world. Beauty Bakerie’s head chef and CEO, Cashmere Nicole, is devoted to making products that complement ALL skin types and tones, so that everyone can enjoy that #Sweetlife.

Recently interviewed by YAHOO!, Cashmere said that the inspiration for Beauty Bakerie products, “... is to take care of all, but especially those on both ends of the spectrum. Those with very dark, almost black skin all the way down to those with very light, almost porcelain skin. They need more inclusion.”

Whether you’re in it for the nudes or the bright pops of color, supporting inclusive beauty brands means more variety of colors for a range of skin tones!

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