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All Cake Face Concealer Shades | Concealer by Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand

Cake Face Concealer is here!

As healthy as we’re trying to be for the new year, we’re bound to have slip-ups that take a toll on our skin. Like staying out too late on a Sunday night, indulging in one too many cocktails, or swapping a salad for a burger. But hey, everything in moderation!

For days when we’d rather conceal skin imperfections from late nights or guilty snacks, Beauty Bakerie HQ reaches for our CEO and head chef’s ultimate secret ingredient… Cake Face Concealer!

We are so excited to announce Cake Face Concealer as the newest addition to our lineup of makeup baked goods. This creamy concealer does the job better than coffee to wake up your face by hiding dark circles, blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

All Cake Face Concealer Shades by Beauty Bakerie

Drink in the smooth look of Cake Face Concealer’s full-coverage, color-correcting formula for all skin types and tones. With eight shades specially brewed for full matte coverage, Cake Face Concealer is the perfect skin pick-me-up for hiding blemishes, spots, or scars. And you’ve gotta love our shade names (from darkest to lightest): What's Frappenin', You Mocha Me Crazy, Cool Beans, You're Brewtiful, Love You Latte, Procaffeinating, Don't Give a Frappe, and Mug Life.

For extra-tired days

Set Cake Face Concealer with our Flour Setting Powder using a small brush. And for days when caffeine won’t quite do the trick, add our So Icy Illuminator on your brow bone and the inner crease of your eyes for an instant-awake, flirty twinkle!

Finish your eye makeup look by drawing a thin line of So Marshmallow GELato Gel Eyeliner on your waterline and sweeping a coat of Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara on your lashes. You’ll have doe eyes for days and no one will ever suspect you got anything less than 10 hours of beauty sleep!

For no-makeup makeup

For lighter makeup days, skip the foundation and just spot-correct and blend Cake Face Concealer for a no-makeup makeup look. In the mornings, use the wand to apply the concealer under your eyes, around your nose, and anywhere you have a blemish, redness or dark circles. And voila, you’re set for the day! This concealer won’t budge or melt, so you don’t need to worry about touch ups throughout the day.

For a full cake face

Color-correct and spot-correct with Cake Face Concealer before applying foundation to create a perfect neutral base for the rest of your baked beat. Keep your skin looking bright whether or not you skipped your daily dose of caffeine, so feel free to cake it on! Once you take care of any blemishes, scars or pigmentation, apply your foundation with a beauty sponge or brush per usual.

Cool Beans Concealer | Cake Face Concealer by Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand

After foundation, keep cookin’ with a few drops of Cake Face Concealer under your eyes in an inverse triangle (broad underneath lower lashes, with point reaching towards cheekbone) to brighten your whole face. You’ll want to blend right away, so apply one side at a time. Once your concealer is blended, always top off your cake with Flour Setting Powder to set your concealer and foundation for ultra-long-lasting wear!

If you ask us…

We like to stock up on two shades - one for summer sunkissed skin, and one for winter when we’re a little paler. And we’ll be using both all year long for contour.

With these tips and tricks in hand, you’re ready to test out our go-to secret ingredient for any baked beat – whether you go minimal or all out with our new Cake Face Concealer.

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