The Real Winners: 10 Awards Season Beauty Looks We Love

The Real Winners: 10 Awards Season Beauty Looks We Love

It’s officially the end of awards season, and while some people may be looking at the fashion, we’re drooling over the amazing beauty looks! We’re sharing our 10 favorite looks from this season and tips for recreating them with your own collection of baked goods. *All images courtesy of Getty Images*

Zendaya Awards Season Beauty Looks

Zendaya at the Academy Awards

Zendaya’s bronzed goddess Academy Awards makeup tops our list of favorites from awards season. To recreate this sultry look, grab a Coffee & Cocoa Palette, some Brown BROWnies, and a Black Milk Gelato. The key to this look is the smoky eye, so don’t be afraid to double dip in our Anti-Depresso shade to bring out the smoke! Bronze with our Deja Brew shade and highlight with You’re Grounded, or opt for a So Icy loose powder highlight. Define your eyes with Black Milk Gelato and do your thing with our Brown BROWnies brow gel.

Millie Bobby Brown Awards Season Beauty Looks

Millie Bobby Brown at the SAG Awards

Millie Bobby Brown has been killing the fashion game, but she expanded to the beauty department at the SAG Awards with her perfectly pink Barbie look. Go for pink perfection by pairing our Sherbet Bar EyesCream Eyeshadow on your eyes with our Bubblegum Crisis Matte Lip Whip. Add highlight and blush from our Scoops Elysees Blush Palette to top off your Bobby-Brown-Barbie look!

How to Recreate Zoe Kravitz's Awards Season Beauty Looks

Zoe Kravitz at the Golden Globes

Zoe Kravitz always looks stunning, and she takes amazing beauty risks. But we also love her Golden Globes look where she went for classic elegance, pairing a red lip with a subtle winged eyeliner and a glossy lid. Recreate this look by using a swipe of Cookie Dough EyesCream eyeshadow and blending out, then draw on a wing with our Black Milk GELato Eyeliner. For a near-dupe of Zoe’s red lip with a golden undertone, try on our Apple Crisp Metallic Lip Whip.

How to Recreate Taylor Hill's Award Season Beauty Looks

Taylor Hill at the Academy Awards

Matching will never go out of style, as Taylor Hill expertly showed at the Academy Awards. Paired with bold brows and exaggerated cat-eye liner, Hill’s matching lips and dress made up one of the best awards season beauty looks of the night. To recreate her look, get your BROWnies of choice, Black Milk GELato, and Gingersnap Matte Lip Whip.

How to Recreate Kerry Washington's Award Season Beauty Looks

Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes

It seems like every red carpet has at least one purple eye look, and we’re all for it! Kerry Washington had a brush with a candy shop with her subtle pink lips and purple eyeshadow. For your eyes, use an angled eyeliner brush to apply our Frosted Plums EyesCream Eyeshadow as a winged liner. Curl your lashes and apply some Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara, then finish your look with a dash of our Versailles Matte Lip Whip.

How to Recreate Kesha's Award Season Beauty Looks

Kesha at the Grammys

Kesha has tried just about every beauty trend on the red carpet, but this muted look is one of our favorites. It’s the ultimate California beach girl makeup, with a pinch of retro, Twiggy-esque eyelashes. You can easily recreate this eye look with just two products. For your lashes, use our Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara, which will freeze your lashes in place for all-day, all-night long-lasting wear. For the first coat, apply with a horizontal wand (like normal). To add texture and define clumps of lashes, apply a second coat of mascara with a vertical wand. Then highlight your brow bone and inner eye crease with our Cookie Dough EyesCream Eyeshadow and blend it out!

How to Recreate Janelle Monae's Award Season Beauty Looks

Janelle Monae at the Grammys

Janelle Monae is the ultimate beauty chameleon, and her colorful look is perfect for a fun night out. Keep your lips color free and focus on the eyes for major impact. Using our Do It For the Graham Palette, you have nearly endless options to recreate this look in different color combinations! To recreate Monae’s look, opt for a tan on the lids and a darker brown in the crease, with a due-chrome blue under the eye.

How to Recreate Madeline Brewer's Award Season Beauty Looks

Madeline Brewer at the Critics’ Choice Awards

We love a bronzed eye for redheads for a sultry, evening look, which Madeline Brewer rocks. For your eyes, swipe on our Baker’s Tan EyesCream Eyeshadow on your eyelid and along the bottom lashes, then add extra definition with Cioccolato Gelato gel eyeliner on the lashline. This look isn’t complete without bold brows! Shape and fill them in with our Taupe BROWnies Eyebrow Gel in a color slightly lighter than your natural brow color.

How to Recreate Tajari P Henson's Award Season Beauty Looks

Tajari P Henson at the Academy Awards

Tajari smoldered with perfectly arched brows, metallic lids, and deep berry lips. Who wouldn’t want to recreate this look? We did, and you can watch the full tutorial here.

Use our Do It For the Graham Palette’s silver and blue shimmery shades as shadow. Shape your brows, then use Dark Brown BROWnies Eyebrow Gel to fill them in. Top it off with our Raspberry Tiramisu Matte Lip Whip for a fierce purple pop of color.

How to Recreate Olivia Munn's Award Season Beauty Looks

Olivia Munn at the SAG Awards

Like a chocolate chip cookie recipe, not all beauty looks have to reinvent the wheel. Olivia Munn proves that you can never go wrong with a classic, pretty in pink look. For this look, it’s all about the lips and cheeks. For your cheeks, apply the Pink Truffle blush and Beignet highlight from our Scoops Elysées Blush Palette. Pair your pink cheeks with pink lips using our Berry Pop Matte Lip Whip.

Whether you take this inspo to stage your own awards ceremony or adapt it to fit your year-round looks, these 10 awards season makeup looks were the real winners for us!

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