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BROWnies - Eyebrow Gel: Tips and How to Apply

Whether you’re craving a blondie or dark chocolate, these delicious eyebrow gel BROWnies were baked to stay by your side through thick & thin. BROWnies eyebrow gel is the solution to fill that striking arch of yours when you’re looking for fuller, perfectly shaped brows. Our bestselling, cruelty-free, gluten-free AND paraben-free eyebrow gel is waterproof and comes in 5 shades made to suit all hair colors and skin tones. Its smudge proof and buildable formula allows you to create a naturally filled brow to match your fluff desires.


Dark haired beauties, try the Dark Brown eyebrow gel!
Brunette angels, go for the classic Brown!
Gorgeous blondes, Blonde it is!
All you SWEETS that aren’t here nor there, too dark to be blonde but too light to be brown… Taupe is the way to go!

How To Apply Eyebrow Gel

With your favorite angled brow brush, outline the bottom edge of your brow starting at the center of your face and moving outward.
Applying light pressure, make upward strokes with the eyebrow gel starting at the bottom line you just created. For a seamless look, follow the direction your brow grows!
Line the top of your brow and connect to the bottom line at the outer edge.
Fill and blend the rest with a spool or tapered brush.
Use concealer to clean the edges, and don’t forget to use your favorite So Icy Illuminator shade to highlight your brow bone!

The waterproof and smudge proof formula builds to your ideal shade, allowing you to customize the look of your brows. You can layer to create bold, dramatic eyebrows, apply a light touch to enhance your natural brow, or create a look that’s somewhere in between!

Our long-lasting, cruelty-free and Paraben free eyebrow gel products were designed for all types of brows and styles. But they aren’t all strokes and arches; you’ll find that our eyebrow gel BROWnies also offer some lovely, exclusive qualities:

  • They won’t run in the rain, or smudge with snow or sweat
  • The gel-based formula stays put all day and all night, for a brow that’s always flawless
  • You get total control over the amount of product you use, how bold your brows are, and where each stroke goes, when following our How-To tips

Waterproof, smudge-proof, and customizable; what could be better in an eyebrow gel?!

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