What's Frappenin' Concealer

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What's Frappenin' Concealer

How to Use

Apply your Cake Mix Foundation, then keep cookin’ with a few drops of Cake Face Concealer under your eyes, and on any other problem areas. Blend beneath one eye at a time as this matte finish dries fast! For under-eyes, apply Cake Face in an inverse triangle (broad underneath lower lashes, with point reaching towards cheekbone). Tap on Cake Face Concealer, then press it in with a concealer brush or blending sponge to avoid creases. Always top off your cake with Flour Setting Powder to set your concealer and foundation for ultra-long-lasting wear!


    Blend right away as this concealer dries fast into a matte finish! Use with Blending Eggs! Always top off with Flour Setting Powder for ultra-long-lasting wear!

We aim to uplift and inspire the beautiful faces of the skin tones and ethnicities of the world with our commitment to being Better not Bitter.

Cake Face tutorial


Cake Face

    Step 1: Apply Wake and Bake Oil and follow with Cake Mix Demi-Matte Foundation. Step 2: Brighten your under eyes, bridge of nose and any other area you desire with Cake Face concealer. Step 3: Set your look with our Translucent Flour Setting Powder!

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