Body Whisperer

Body Whisperer
Often times it's easy to believe that we are reacting to something in a beauty product and that we should toss that product and go and purchase another. While that may be okay, there are a few additional steps we should take...

I think that secrets to what is really going on with your body lie in the beauty products that you use, the prescriptions and supplements you take, the foods you eat, the sauces, the condiments, the soda...everything should get a closer look. 

Now, there's a few ways to do this:

1. You could study the ingredients lists on the back of items that you've reacted to and see if there is a common ingredient. You could then isolate your usage to that one product for a period of time.
2. You could try to reconcile the ingredients lists of all the problematic formulas you've been exposed to. So for example if you've reacted to a hair dye, write the name and brand down. If you reacted on a date night to the nacho and cheese sauce, write that down as well. 
3. You could also look for a Functional Medicine Practitioner. These types of doctors I find go a bit deeper. As many allergy tests can come back negative while you still suffer from a strong sensitivity.

As your Founder and CEO, I've had to go there. It was a part of my journey. I live in the aftermath of it and now I can say that it isn't so bad. Yes, my life completely changed through a plethora of health issues that all pointed back to one thing: a gluten and grain allergy, a gluten and grain intolerance. I suffered with the following for years and finally after a lot of faith, prayer and research between me and her mom, her husband and daughter, she found the answer and found relief.

  • eczema / psoriasis
  • hives
  • acne; cystic acne
  • headaches and migraines that lasted 3-4 days
  • tired after meals commonly and jokingly called 'the itis'; food should energize! This is a good clue to explore the ingredients of what you're eating.
  • nausea and vomiting after meals
  • restless leg syndrome
  • dandruff; seborrheic dermatitis
  • blurry vision at night
  • asthma; coughing at night
  • shortness of breath
  • finger joint pain
  • diabetes type 2
  • endometriosis
  • and I'm a breast cancer survivor

I just want people to look further and deeper for answers. You reacted to that product, the food, that pill? Sure, take it back...but that product may hold some answers. Something in that formula wants to tell you that no matter what products you buy, if that ingredient is in it, you will continue to react every time you're exposed. It's wild! I've learned I can't have certain brands of bananas as some have been ripened using ethanol, an alternative gas made from corn or I can't have honey because some bees may have been fed corn. Insane, right? Literally insane.

I do feel that Black women aren't taken seriously at the doctor's offices. I've experienced it, I've had to defend both my Mother and Daughter in their doctor appointments and nearly all of my Black friends have as well. In a conversation with Susan G Komen I learned that most Black women end up with terminal cancer because we don't quite understand the authority we hold in these appointments. A cousin of mine passed away from breast cancer and I called up her sister one day. We were just chatting...I asked, "So what would you say did this to her?" She said, "Hands down the healthcare system. She went. She was told it was no big deal. She was dismissed and not taken seriously until it was too late." That cousin has gone on to have a preventative double mastectomy.

It's no coincidence. On the other hand, the experience of my other friends isn't always the same; though it does happen. The issue with that is how delayed your healing may be. It's okay to take matters into your own hands. It's your life we are discussing. 

Since finding out that all of my issues were being caused by gluten and all the other grains, things have been 100% better. It's unreal to me who I am today. The life I lived before where I was always unwell seemed like that's all it would ever be. I can't believe how normal I feel now to just be fine; to be alright.

I help a lot of people find their healing now. It excites me when they see just how powerful and intelligent our bodies were designed to be. There is no computer like the body in all the earth. I think once you learn the language it speaks and you learn the nature of food, you can meet the problem where it is. When I was diagnosed with "dandruff" it wasn't because my scalp was dirty, it wasn't because my scalp was oily or any of those cliché things that are said. It was because my shampoo had wheat and corn or corn derivatives in the ingredients. I wasn't coughing all night because I have asthma per say, I was coughing because I had consumed a grain that my body was trying to eject.

The body speaks. I've learned since moving abroad, that we as a Americans are normally moving too fast to listen or hear what it has to say and what it has to say is incredibly important. It will save you from medical debt and it will save your life if you...could...just.. .. . listen.

I hope to offer some sort of consulatations in the future. For now, I am helping those in my network whose lists of symptoms have begun to mirror my own from years ago...isn't that something?

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