GELato - Eyeliner: Tips and How to Apply

Indulge in our GELato if you’re craving the most smooth, longest lasting and easy to control gel eyeliner. Delightfully creamy, our highly-pigmented gel formula glides on seamlessly to define your upper and lower lash lines. The GELato eyeliner is not only oh-so smooth for superior control, but also waterproof, smudge-proof and gentle on the skin when applying it around your eyes.


Our selection of gel eyeliners includes the classics from sweet chocolate brown to the blackest black along with shades that allow you to mix it up with colors of the GELato rainbow. Our selection of treats means that there’s something to satisfy your GELato sweet tooth – so whether you’re aiming for a modern classic mademoiselle look or want to channel your inner diva, we have a color for every style! Pick one or double-up with two scoops of eye-widening deliciousness. Pro Tip: In addition to the EyesCreams, you can also use our GELatos to create that fierce cut-crease everyone has been raving about.

How To our long-wearing GELato

    • Dip an angled brush into a GELato eyeliner of your choice, and apply to super clean skin.
      Start at the inner corner of the eye and draw a smooth line to the center of the lash line, stopping just above the pupil.
      If you’re creating a fierce, sharp wing, decide where you want the flick to finish.
      Sketch your desired shape and retrace the line to the center to create a smooth and seamless curve.
      GELato gel eyeliner dries beautifully in seconds leaving you with a polished look.
      Pro Tip: Use So Marshmallow GELato eyeliner gel on the lower water line to make the eyes appear larger and brighter, Black Milk GELato to give the appearance of smaller eyes or our Jam GELato, a soft purple to add a bit of mystery to your look. People will look and wonder but have no idea what is drawing them in!
  • Benefits

    Waterproof, smudge-proof, gluten-free and paraben-free, our GELato eyeliner gel can’t get much more accommodating, skin-safe, or reliable. We know you Sweets don’t want to sacrifice beautiful colors for long-lasting wear. Our GELatos won’t smudge or smear through tears, sweat, or even swimming! You can confidently go from day to night, from yoga to dinner, with the same flawless application of gel eyeliner. And with the eye area being the most delicate on the face, our smooth-as-gelato formula won’t snag the skin or demand any friction from your brush or finger. Smudging lines and fly-away winged liner are now a thing of the past!