Given my life's journey and all the trials I've had to face, giving back to those in need has become central to my life and to the identity of Beauty Bakerie. It's important that our consumers know that with every purchase, they are making a lasting impact on so many children's lives around the world

Cashmere Nicole
CEO, Beauty Bakerie

Our Story In numbers

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Our Background and Mission

The idea for starting Sugar Home goes back to 2016. We initially believed we'd create our own orphanages, but after extensive research, we realized that we could maximize our reach by supporting existing organizations. Today, our hope is to help as many children as possible by providing qualified orphanages with funds and supplies.

Sugar Homes' mission is to "sweeten the lives of others" by donating money, clothes, toys, and other things needed to orphanages all around the globe

Our journey

Sugar Homes Uganda

Since 2016 we’ve supported 24 children’s needs with the help of their 2 caretakers.

Sugar Homes Indonesia

After some reasearch, we decided to assist in supporting 16 children in need of additional care & attention.

Sugar Homes Zanzibar

Since 2020 we've begun and are committed to providing meal sufficiency for 224 children in the village of Kilimajuu.

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