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Hello Giggles Millennial Pink Product Roundup

Hello Giggles Features Bubblegum Crisis Lip Whip in Millennial Pink Gift Guide

Hello Giggles published an all-encompassing roundup of millennial pink products, and featured Beauty Bakerie's Bubblegum Crisis Matte Lip Whip. In terms of gifts for the true fans, you can't go wrong with anything millennial pink this holiday season.

For newcomers to Beauty Bakerie, our Lip Whips are liquid matte lipsticks that dry to a smudge-proof, matte finish so that you can bake up your lip looks without eating them too. For newcomers to millennial pink, it's a dusty-rose hue that covers everything from clothes to phone cases to makeup... And monochrome is in.

"When it comes to pink, millennial is perennial"

Making its debut as part of the best-selling Versailles family, Bubblegum Crisis is poised to sit comfortably on its throne (and on your lips). With this color, you'll get bubblegum pink with the DEPTH you've hoped for... Which turns out to be a perfect millennial pink pick. The only crisis would be not having this in your cake bag!

Bubblegum Crisis Lip Whip Liquid Matte Lipstick - Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand - 2

Check out the full article on Hello Giggles here... And don't forget to check back at Beauty Bakerie for the latest sweets, fresh from the oven.

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