Huffington Post Featured Beauty Bakerie in Best Long-Lasting Red Lipsticks for Holiday Parties

The Huffington Post featured Beauty Bakerie's Cranberry Stiletto Matte Liquid Lip Whip in its roundup of red lipsticks for the holidays. For long meals, holiday parties, and date nights alike, everyone needs a go-to red lipstick that won't fade.

"...Lip Whips do [w]hat others don’t, specifically the Kylie Lip Kits, Colour Pop Ultra Matte and Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks..."

Cranberry Stiletto Matte Liquid Lip Whip is the perfect bitten berry finish to any look. Few things can elevate a look like a Cranberry Stiletto; the same goes whether you opt for the heels or the Lip Whip. Our Cranberry Stiletto Lip Whip is a rich, deep red that’s perfect for holiday parties... Or all year round. Check out this article on other shades of red for all-year wear!

The beauty of Lip Whips is that they dry to a smudge-proof, matte finish so that you can bake up your lip looks without eating them too. Our lightweight liquid matte lipstick will hold up through sweet smooches, long sips, and accidental swipes. Don't just take our word for it.

Here's what HuffPost had to say:

"They dry without drying your lips out. There’s no cracking over the course of the wear, either. The stuff moves with your mouth in a way that can only be described as impressive. It’s soft to the touch, and there’s absolutely no transfer to your fingers, straws, other people, etc.”

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