Yahoo! Scoops Beauty Bakerie CEO Viral Tweet About Inspiration

Yahoo! Scoops Beauty Bakerie CEO Viral Tweet About Inspiration

Yahoo! joined the Beauty Bakerie buzz when it picked up on a viral tweet from our CEO and founder, Cashmere Nicole. The quote explains our CEO's personal motivation behind Beauty Bakerie's inclusive product range, and shares a sweet story about her relationship with her daughter.

The Viral Tweet

“This is me with my daughter, Jasmyn. Different levels of melanin. Felt bad when I could find my shade at stores but not hers, when bronzers & highlighters gave me glow up but not her. So I created Coffee & Cocoa for my precious girl & others to enjoy!”

Beauty Bakerie About Us

The Final Product

Designed to be an inclusive product for a wide range of skin tones, the Coffee & Cocoa Palette serves up four shades cooked up to even out the complexion, illuminate the skin and add warmth and dimension.

Our Coffee & Cocoa Palette serves up versatile, earth-toned flavors in cream and satin finishes for every skin tone. Get creative in the kitchen with buildable Coffee & Cocoa flavors as blush, highlight, contour, or eyeshadow. Sweeten up your makeup recipe book with Coffee & Cocoa Palette’s four sugary shades, and start livin’ La Vida Mocha.

Coffee & Cocoa Palette

Check out the full article on Yahoo here... And don't forget to check back at Beauty Bakerie for the latest sweets, fresh from the oven.

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Stacey White

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