Meet Me at the Met! Beyonce Wearing Lip Whip in French Toast

Beyonce Wears French Toast Lip Whip

Let's have a sweet talk here about the red carpet arrivals of the biggest fashion event of the year, The Met Gala! The theme was "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology." 

Our thoughts are below, sweet or weak. Well, we won't mention the weak. Let's just keep it all the way sweet here!

"I'm so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress." - Beyonce.

Girl yasssss, you better give us this lemonade recipe. This latex Givenchy dress was everything and she paired it with 'rangs and thangs' from her bestie turned family, Lorraine Schwartz proving yet again that "she did not come to play with you, she came to slay." Now, she's just the talk of the town, "you know you that ____ when you cause all this conversation." 

Now if I had to guess that lip, I'd say all kinds of French Toast!

Now, Clare Danes has taken all of the cake! Can you leave us some or nah?! She was a real life princess last night wearing a fiber-optic woven organza ballroom dress living up to the theme of the night "fashion in the age of technology". I mean, I quite literally won't even feel right putting on ANY clothes as they will NOT be THIS dress! And for the lip, the makeup, it isn't even worth discussing. The only words my mouth can form are, "This dress!"

Comment below and give us your thoughts on last night's guests, their makeup, their hair, their date...talk to us!

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Verchetta Wells

Verchetta Wells

I can’t wait for E Network’s Fashion Police to get more details on each look! Can we have a discussion about that too after it airs? I loved Kendall Jenner’s look!



Omg. Her dress is amazing. I can’t wait for regular clothes to start coming out in fiber optics!

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