4 Reasons You’ll Love Our Crème Liquid Lip Whips

Creme Liquid Lip Whips

Sweets, let’s get real. As much as we may love cupcakes, sometimes we want something different, like a brownie. The same goes for lipstick. As much as we love a matte, smudge-free lip, sometimes we want a creamier and more moisturizing finish. Where are we going with this? (Drumroll, please!)

Before today, our best-selling Lip Whips were only available in matte and metallic liquid lipstick formulas. Today, we welcome a new recipe with our Crème Liquid Lip Whips.

With decadent desserts in mind, we cooked up the Crème Liquid Lip Whip. One swipe serves up bold color, extra moisture, and long-lasting freshness. Treat yo’self to something creamy with our Crème Liquid Lip Whips in Peach Bon Bon, Sweet Talker, and Fairy Kale.

Taste the Difference

When you choose Beauty Bakerie, you know you’re getting top-shelf quality, whether you taste test our Matte and Metallic Lip Whips or our Crèmes.

The Crème Liquid Lip Whip still has the original matte and metallic Lip Whip perks like long-lasting, lightweight color. BUT because we developed the Crème Liquid Lip Whips with hydrating ingredients, it is not waterproof or smudge-proof. Our heart-shaped applicator follows the shape of your lips, letting you apply lip color with precision so you don’t waste a drop. With an opaque, satin finish for your cake, a little bit of lipstick goes a long way to give you long-lasting color.

The Best Cakes Have Moisture

    No one likes a dry cake, so rotate in the Crème Liquid Lip Whips to give your lips a break and change up your look. Our crème liquid colors are highly pigmented for buildable flavor and a glass-like finish (think mirror cake). These crème lipsticks can be rotated in with your favorite matte and metallic Lip Whips to condition, soothe and refresh your lips.

    Change up your look and get hydrated with the new liquid Crème Liquid Lip Whips, whether you opt for pinks like Peach Bon Bon and Sweet Talker, or a dramatic metallic evergreen like Fairy Kale. Crème Liquid Lip Whip flavors do not dry, so they will keep your lips moisturized until you’re ready to be cake-free with soap and water. 

    So. Many. Flavors.

      You found the perfect baked good. Now you just need to stock up on your favorite colors. Crème Liquid Lip Whip comes in three flavors, fresh from the oven. We love Peach Bon Bon and Sweet Talker for everyday wear, and Fairy Kale for a look cooked up with drama.

      Peach Bon Bon Crème Liquid Lip Whip is a sweet, peachy pink for chillin’ out or warming up a winter complexion. A different shade of rose, Sweet Talker is a darker Berry Pop-colored pink. Wearing Sweet Talker, you can get away with anything. Run out the door and talk your way through any unpracticed presentation... Everyone will be too enchanted by Sweet Talker to notice! Like a peppermint patty, turquoise-teal and cream perfectly balance each other in our Fairy Kale Crème Liquid Lip Whip. With a hint of mint scent from peppermint oil, Fairy Kale adds a dramatic pop of color to any look.

      Free of the “Big Three”

        The one downside of makeup is that a lot of it contains a long list of chemicals. Especially with makeup you put on your eyes or mouth, you don’t want harmful ingredients on your skin. Cake away, because we never test on animals and only use high-quality ingredients. Our unique recipes are one of the reasons that we are one of just 12 companies in the country to win an award for beauty innovation!

        In our mission to be better not bitter, we stay away from baked goods with long lists of chemicals. Our bakers cooked up Crème Liquid Lip Whips to be long-lasting, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free. Taste test Peach Bon Bon, Sweet Talker and Fairy Kale to see for yourself!

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