Let's Get Spooky: Halloween Makeup for Boo

Khloe Dosh x Beauty Bakerie Halloween Makeup

Happy Halloween, Sweets! Let’s get spooky.

It’s that season of bingeing on Halloween candy and scary movies.

We want to interrupt your scheduled Insta scrolling to bring you a sneak peek at creative makeup looks we’re cooking up in honor of Halloween. This year, we’re expanding your horizons with colorful makeup flavors that range from sweet to savory.

And you have enough time to shop the Bakerie to get your sweets in time for Halloween.


Let’s kick things off with a look from resident Beauty Bakerie MUA Gabe. Equipped with a range of sweets from the Bakerie, Gabe cooked up a merman look, proving once again that makeup isn’t just for gills – ahem – girls! See the final look and check out Gabe’s baking tips and tricks below.

Beauty Bakerie Halloween Influencer Makeup

Step 1: Eyes.

Step 2: Face.

Step 3: Lips.

Wonder Woman

We’re loving Wonder Woman’s fresh-faced beauty. Not to brush over her bad-guy butt-kicking, but her FIERCE brows deserve a special mention. *Excuse us while we bow down to Gal Gadot one more time.* For people who need a daytime or office-appropriate Halloween look, this is our go-to recommendation. See the final look and check out Toria’s baking tips and tricks below.


Step 1: Eyes

Step 2: Face

Step 3: Lips

Sugar Queen

We caught Khloe Dosh in the kitchen craving some sugar this Halloween. With sweets-stained fingers and candy-colored hair, Khloe perfected the Sugar Queen dream. If you want to truly taste the rainbow, this is your costume. Check out Khloe’s final look and steps to recreate on your own below!


Step 1: Eyes

Step 2: Face

Step 3: Lips

Whether you’ll be a Mer-Man or Maid, Wonder Woman, or a Sugar Queen, shop our baked goods today to get them in time for Halloween!

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