Baking Your Face: Flour Setting Powder Dos and Donuts

Do's and Donuts of Flour Setting Powder by Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand

First, we contoured. Then we strobed. Now we’re baking, and the baker in us is as content as a girl with her Easy Bake oven. Even though “baking” isn’t technically new - it’s been used in the drag community for a number of years - the rest of us only caught on recently.

Baking uses the heat from your face to set your foundation. By heavily applying setting powder on your face and letting it sit for up to 10 minutes before dusting it off, you cook up a poreless, smooth-as-satin finish with the long-lasting power of your favorite Snapchat filter. 

Want to become a master baker? Follow our dos and donuts for a flawless look.

DO Dust with a Heavy Hand

Yes, it’s a lot of Flour, but it’s not the finished look! Don’t be afraid to go in for a second (or third!) serving of setting powder. Your foundation and concealer will absorb some of it, and you’ll dust off the rest in five or ten minutes. We like to pretend we’re sprinkling powdered sugar on top of freshly baked lemon bars, and abide by the motto: the more, the better!

DONUT Use White Setting Powders

Have you ever seen those celebrity makeup oops images where they have a white glow underneath their eyes or on their t-zone? That’s the result of a white setting powder. Even if you don’t notice a white cast in your mirror, the flash of a camera will show it. Instead, use a translucent setting powder, or a color correcting flavor like our Yellow Flour Setting Powder to reduce redness.

DO Use the Right Brush or Blender

Choose your basting brushes, blenders and whisks wisely! Everyone’s skin is different, and we all have our preferred spice rack of brushes and applicators. For baking, use what works best for you. Some of us like to use a sponge, while others may prefer a brush. If you don’t opt for a sponge, use a dense brush instead to pick up powder. Press the flour into your face, and when  it’s time to dust off, use a fluffy brush that won’t disturb your makeup.

DONUT Fear if You Have Dry Skin

Want a long-lasting, smooth look, but are afraid setting powder may settle into your dry spots and make your skin look lizard-like? We have a secret recipe for that! Before applying your makeup, deeply moisturize your skin with our Wake and Bake Hydrating Face Oil. It’s a great alternative to moisturizer and want to get your glow on. After you massage the oil onto your face, wait 15 minutes for it to fully absorb, apply your foundation, and get to baking!

DO Focus on Oily Areas

If you have oily or combination skin, dust extra setting powder on those oily areas, such as your t-zone. If you use a creamy concealer that tends to crease, dust on an extra serving of setting powder there, too.

DONUT Worry About Touch Ups

You’re a busy woman. The last thing you want to do is worry about touching up your makeup halfway through the day. Baking with our Flour Setting Powder means you don’t have to. Apply in the morning and let your matte beauty show all day long.Beauty Bakerie Flour Setting Powder Trio

Flour Setting Powder is a staple ingredient to lock in your cake. Oil-absorbing and mattifying, our Flour helps you bake up the perfect lightweight look and lets you keep your cake in place for any sweet surprises.

With these Dos and Donuts in your back pocket, it’s time to step into the kitchen and start baking!

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Kim B

Kim B

I ordered the brown setting powder at the end of November, and finally got around to picking it up from my mom’s and trying it… I have to say the color is too warm for my skin. It’s leaning towards orange or red. I wanted to do a review on it be only found this comment section. The powder is nice but I wish I had ordered the yellow color!

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