Coming Soon: Kitchen Noise Metallic Lip Whips

Coming Soon: Kitchen Noise Metallic Lip Whips

We had a chance to sit down with Beauty Bakerie CEO and discuss her product development plans. "Without giving away all of the surprises, I can say that we will be releasing a plethora of products over the coming months with "Kitchen Noise" our Liquid Matte Metallic Lip Whips being one of them. With fall approaching, I tend to love on the deep reds, browns and nudes more than usual but this line, like our Liquid Mattes will cater to a variety of people and tastes. Our preferences are all so different so this was and has always been important to me." 

Rose Pose_3000.JPG

We appreciated the sneak peek on SnapChat and Instagram of the Illuminator (highlighter) coming soon and figured we'd ask about that too. The packaging was TO DIE FOR and we're pretty sure that the product won't last long on the shelves of the bakery once released. "I've become a bit obsessed with bringing attention to my cheeks and jaw bone structure. I'm really in to contouring, bronzing and highlighting. It's like my favorite thing. I wanted to share my favorite things with the Sweets because I know it is what they love too!" 

That was about all we were able to gather from Cashmere but we are grateful for the insight. She says to make sure we are signed up to receive the updates from the Neapolitan Newsletter and to also add 'beautybakerie' on Snap Chat for sneak peek swatches and more from the pending collections. She closes by saying, "Continue to comment. When we have our #SweetTalk posts, it is a time for open dialogue-to engage, to share, to inform. Please let us know what it is you'd love to see and myself and the Cake Team will be more than happy to serve you! Thank you so much for the love and support!"

So with that being said, yall better comment below. Sounds like they're cookin' up some gooooood stuff!


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August 30, 2016

What date will the metallic collection be released?


August 28, 2016

I can’t wait for the matalics… Literally. Lol I’m gana waste my money at Sephora and miss out if there not out soon :(