Sweet Deets: What to Expect at Beauty Bakerie's Pop-Up Store Opening

Sweet Deets: What to Expect at Beauty Bakerie's Pop-Up Store Opening

UPDATE: Our Mission Valley Pop-up has closed!

The ultra-popular online cosmetics brand, Beauty Bakerie, is opening its pop-up! “We’re thrilled to have a physical location where customers can try our products first-hand,” says Cashmere Nicole, CEO of Beauty Bakerie.

Since its beginning in 2011, Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand has quickly grown a loyal following of customers who love the company’s cruelty-free, smudge-proof products and inspiring mission, to be “Better not Bitter.” But even Cashmere didn’t expect this level of success. “I never envisioned a physical store, especially so soon! To see it come to fruition is something I’ll always be thankful for.” 

When is the pop-up taking place?

The pop-up opening event will take place in May 2017. There will be a few days of special guest appearances, prizes, and in-store promotions for all the signature smudge-proof lip whips, eye shadows, gel eye liner, eyebrow gel, illuminator, setting powder, and face glitter. The pop-up closes March 2018. 

What are the Grand Opening specials and prizes?

Customers attending the pop-up opening can expect to enjoy exclusive in-store promotions and special guest appearances. The first 100 customers will receive a complimentary gift so get here and shop early!

Who’ll be there?

Beauty Bakerie has partnered up with some fabulous celebrities who embody our sugar sweet, Better Not Bitter brand to chat with customers and share their favorite Beauty Bakerie products!

Special guests include Haley Wight (CosmoByHaley), creator of the Salted Caramel Mocha Lip Whip and social media makeup artist, Ashley Rosales (mua_ashley)!

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4 Responses

Brianna Lazzaro

May 02, 2017

Do you guys happen to know the exact date of the grand opening yet or has it already passed or is it soon??? AHHHHH im so excited!!

Joy Nader

May 02, 2017

So excited for this. Will there be prizes for the first 100 shoppers only the first day, Friday? or each day of the weekend?


May 02, 2017

San Antonio, TX next please! you would do great here!


May 02, 2017

OMG!! How exciting! If I lived in the area I would definitely be attending! I just placed my first ordered and can’t wait to try out your products! Congratulations on all your accomplishments!