COMING SOON: Wake & Bake Baking Oil and How To Use It

It's coming! Our Wake & Bake Baking Oil will be making its initial debut this July! An official date has yet to be released but the bakers are working to get it ready for our Beauty Bakerie makeup junkies! You Sugar Sweet people asked us some questions about the Baking Oil and we are prepared to answer below!


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What is Wake & Bake?

Wake & Bake Baking Oil is a hydrating primer oil that can be used to prep the skin for makeup wear or it can be used as a part of your skin care regimen adding suppleness and radiance to the skin. 


Who is it for?

This citrus scented, vegan oil is best on all skin types. This includes dry, normal, combination, oily and sensitive or problematic skin.

Can it combat acne?

It contains Tea Tree Oil which is known for naturally battling acne and cysts.

Is it Coconut Free? Does it contain Coconut Oil?

It does not contain Coconut Oil.

Any SPF? Am I protected from the sun?

This product does not contain any SPF. Please be sure to protect skin as recommended by your physician.

Is it silicone based?

No, it is not. This formula is all oils and fragrances. In fact, it's base oil is Jojoba. 

Can it be used on the lips, face and body?

Yes and even your cuticles!

How do I use it?

Below are some PRO TIPS on how to use this product prior to putting on your Cake Face!

Dry or Chafed Skin:

Wash your face using your facial cleanser, tone, moisturize, use Wake & Bake and then begin your makeup application steps as normal. Be sure to skip any primers that aim to keep you dry.

Normal Skin:

Wash your face using your facial cleanser, tone, skip your moisturizer use Wake & Bake Baking Oil and then begin your makeup application steps as normal. 

Oily Skin: 

Wash your face using your facial cleanser, consider skipping toner, use Wake & Bake Baking Oil, a mattifying primer and then begin your makeup application steps as normal.

For those with Combination Skin, you'll want to gauge the condition of your skin each time prior to wearing makeup and follow one of the steps above.

This oil can also be applied at night before bed. 

If short, if you want a matte look, use Wake & Bake without any other moisturizers and set with our Flour Setting Powder. If you want a dewy look, you can avoid using a mattifying primer and you'll achieve what you are hoping for!


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July 29, 2017

Love the idea and would totally buy if you make an unscented version! I dont typically like added fragrance in products but in this case wouldnt buy due to the citress scent. Thanks for all your great products!!