We All Scream for EyesCream!

We All Scream for EyesCream!

Ice Cream is a welcome treat year round, and we can't wait to give you the scoop on a NEW long awaited menu item!

We've been creating an ice cream delight that you'll be sure to love, packed with rich ingredients to satisfy all your sweet looks. We know your sweet tooth has been patiently waiting for the release of our Neapolitan EyesCream Palette, and we are excited to let you know that it will be available for purchase October 28th on BeautyBakerie.com, and will retail for $38.00.

Neapolitan EyesCream Palette
If browns, taupes, and purples make your mouth water, this palette is for you! Transform your eyes from subtle goodness to a drastically daring look for a night out on the town. The Neapolitan EyesCream Palette boasts 12 new shades in a powder formulation. These sugary shades come in 7 shimmers and 5 mattes for the perfect colorful creations all year long!  The shadows in this palette are perfect to wear alone, or layered and combined with our cream based EyesCream cream shadow collection or Sprinkles!

Let's meet these mouthwatering flavors:

Chocolate Chip: A whimsical white for a finishing touch of sweetness! If you love highlighting the inner corners of the eye or brow bone, then you'll be sure to fall in love with this shade over and over again.

I Scream: A glamorously glowy blush pink, that dazzles on its own or transforms your favorite matte shades to a frosted treat.

Powdered Sugar: Add a scoop of this golden hue all over the lids, for an illuminated eye look.

Vanilla Bean: This taupe toned beauty will add a subtle hint of color for a neutral look or provide a warm shimmer beneath the lower lash line!

Wafer: This cookie is perfect to wear on its own for a neutral fall look, or can go from soft to full glam by layering it with Sundae Funday and Drive-thru!

Pistachio: This brazenly bronze shade will make any eye color stand out! Use all over the lid or smoke out your lower lash line for a bold finish.

Drive-thru: The ideal shade to put in the crease for a well-defined eye with depth and dimension.

Sliced Almonds: Perfection in purple! For a berry fall look, apply this shade in the crease, and create a cut-crease with our Pancake EyesCream!

Strawberry: A rich fruity shade perfect for blending into the crease and adding a touch of warmth to any eye look!

Cocoa Powder: The cool-toned shimmer of your dreams is a shade that can be used any time of year with any look desired!

U Scream: This deep chocolate shade was whipped up just for those deep smoky eyes or to smudge right along the lash line.

Sundae Funday: This warm chocolate goodness makes for a sweet all over lid shade that's sure to keep you cozy!

Now that we've taken you through all the sweet and savory details of our Neapolitan EyesCream Palette, we cannot wait for you to indulge in it with us soon! Add us on SnapChat: beautybakerie for Sweet Peeks at the scoops that await you inside! We've mixed all the right ingredients to create 12 yummy go-to shades, and are on sugar overload with our Neapolitan EyesCream Palette! Here at the Bakerie, we all scream for EyesCream and on October 28th you can too! Us bakers can't wait to see you #CaughtCakin in a variety of perfectly baked looks.

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Sounds so yummy! Will the shades be vegan-friendly? or carmine-free at least?



what time does it go on sale on EST

Judy Paden

Judy Paden

Love, Love, Love the whip lips, so Im anxious to try this new palette.

Cassie Ann Laporta

Cassie Ann Laporta

I absolutely cannot wait for this to be released the color sound beautiful and I love the high-quality that your brand produces!

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