EyesCream Eyeshadow

EyesCream - Eye Shadow: Tips and How to Apply

Blended to a velvety smooth consistency, our dreamy cream eye shadows known as EyesCream glide on with ease. Layer them up or transition from day to night in a matter of moments with these highly-pigmented, easy to blend smudge-proof shades. Unlike yummy ice cream, the EyesCream eye shadows won’t melt away! Whether you’re prepping for a long day of studying or getting ready for a girl’s night out, you can count on a few scoops of our waterproof EyesCream eye shadow to stay put through it all. It comes in 11 convenient colors so pick a scoop and say, “I do.” Pro Tip: Try using the matte EyesCreams as Gel Liner. Get creative!


From soft and neutral to deep and metallic, our complete collection of crease-resistant eye shadow offers something for all taste(buds). Our matte EyesCream eye shadow is perfect as a base color or on its own (Hint: Pancake) while the metallic shades shimmer for a darling look. These buildable pigments can be layered together into a variety of beautiful blends that will satisfy your cravings or on topped with powdered shadows from our Neapolitan EyesCream Palette… and don’t have the audacity to learn how to create a cut-crease, our EyesCream cream eyeshadows are the perfect formula for those.

How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow

  • Start by using your finger or a flat shading brush to apply the EyesCream eye shadow. Apply it to the middle of the eyelid and simply dab or glide into place.
  • Choose one shade or layer up using a variety of flavors for the perfect cut crease smoky eyes, a classic feline flick, and everything in between.

The cream-like texture of EyesCream eye shadow ensures that no pigment will flake off your brush and dust your face, or creep under your eyes. Our crease-resistant eye makeup treats dry to a waterproof finish that won’t cake up or clump, delivering only a perfectly smooth enhancement to your eyes. Our smudge-proof formula is a treat that stays in place all the day long despite rubbing or running. Cruelty-free, paraben-free and gluten-free, EyesCream eye shadow is a sweet makeup bag essential for all skin tones and sensitivities, providing unbeatable waterproof color.

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