Bake with Flour!

Our Matte liquid lipsticks are a delightful combination of vibrant colors and a velvety texture that will last from morning coffee through an evening swim. Whatever adventure you’re on, go about your day confidently wearing these trusty smudge-proof treats. Our water and kiss proof Lip Whip formula goes on wet and dries to a true matte finish. This ‘Holy Grail’ of long-lasting liquid lipstick is the perfect touch to a simple look or the ultimate accessory to top off a glam outfit. Our lightweight liquid matte lipstick will hold up through sweet smooches, long sips, and accidental swipes.


Baking Tips

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Best used with a damp (not wet) sponge. Damp is 2 passes under a running faucet and a squeeze to absorb the water


Setting is applying and then immediately dusting the product away. Setting is recommended when your skin is dry.


Baking is pressing the product into the skin and allowing it to sit for up to 2 minutes before dusting away.


They’ll see the blurring effect immediately after applying it. It’s been called Facetune in a jar. Not sure if that will be meaningful to them or not.

Test Collection Revamp

Cassava (Yellow) Flour Setting Powder Cassava (Yellow) Flour Setting Powder
cassava (yellow) flour setting powder $24.00
Cacao (Brown) Flour Setting Powder Cacao (Brown) Flour Setting Powder
cacao (brown) flour setting powder $24.00
Chiffon (Pink) Flour Setting Powder Chiffon (Pink) Flour Setting Powder
chiffon (pink) flour setting powder $24.00
Almond (Chestnut) Flour Setting Powder Almond (Chestnut) Flour Setting Powder
almond (chestnut) flour setting powder $24.00

What Bakers Say

I truly like the setting powder because it sets my makeup flawlessly I do recommend everyone picking this up
- Shanya B. | Verified Buyer
This powder is so fine and blends in so seamlessly. This packaging is always on point as well. This is going to replace my other loose powders—I’m not reaching for anything else
- Iadoir G. | Verified Buyer

Cashmere's Pairings

I cant start my look without Instabake Concealer. It grips to my undereye area and blemishes, and lays down perfectly so that there's no caking when I set with Flour
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Grace is my saving grace! I wanted to develop a spray that would preserve the hard work I put into a full beat. The spray's bakery scent is the little reward I look forward to when I've finished the look!
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