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Bustle, Refinery29, Hello Giggles, Trend Hunter Review NEW Beauty Bakerie Cake Mix Foundation

With Cake Mix Foundation in its final stages of baking, all eyes are on our founder and CEO Cashmere Nicole's latest product tease. Bustle and Trend Hunter covered our Cake Mix Foundation tease, highlighting the product's packaging and smudge-proof benefits.


Covering the full range of Beauty Bakerie products from highlighters, matte liquid lipsticks, and beauty sponges to concealers, Bustle focused in on our bakery theme, "There's a carton of egg-shaped beauty sponges, Cake Face Concealers, and even Lip Whips to add the frosting on top of any look. Now, there's also going to be a staple that they've never offered before — Cake Mix Foundation."

Touching on Cake Mix Foundation's demi-matte finish and packaging - a cake mix-inspired box! - Bustle highlighted our CEO's Instagram tease and the big reveal. And the most important part of the launch? The numbering of the shade range starting with the darkest shade as #1.

Cake Mix Foundation Shade 1

"Your future obsession is just about ready! I can’t wait to share this with you soon! I worked really hard on this formula for nearly 2 years," the founder's Instagram caption reads. "I know what My Sweets like and it’s in yet another UNICORN formula. We create formulas that perform unlike other products out there. There’s no science. It’s all art which I LOVE." - Cashmere Nicole, Beauty Bakerie CEO and Founder

Read the full article on Bustle.


The decision to number the shade range from dark to light is a conscious decision to "normalize" the beauty industry one step at a time. By creating a diverse range of products, Cashmere Nicole caters to a variety of skin tones and types.

"There are constant reminders, subtle and overt, that being a woman of color is second best," Cashmere Nicole told Refinery29. "For foundation, I know what's important to me as a Black woman — that's why the order is from dark to light. I wanted equal representation, and for everyone to feel just as beautiful."

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Hello Giggles

Calling out the tools to help find your Cake Mix match from the range of 30 shades with an equal array of undertones, Hello Giggles covers the Cake Mix Foundation launch! Our Shade Finder lets you compare between shades, models and undertones at a glance, and our Shade Comparison Guide to match you with shades you already have in your collection.

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Trend Hunter

Similar to Bustle, Trend Hunter jumped on board to cover the Cake Mix Foundation tease. The most important part of the launch? Inclusivity. Trend Hunter said, "The brand's founder also emphasizes that the product is the result of two years of research and unlike anything else on the market. Best of all, the new foundation will be available in 30 different shades, making it perfect for a wide range of skin tones."

Read the full article on Trend Hunter.

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April 20, 2018


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