Buzzfeed Ranks Beauty Bakerie's Neapolitan Palette In 22 Must-Have Eyeshadows

Beauty Bakerie Neapolitan Palette

Featured by Buzzfeed in their article on must-have eyeshadows, our Neapolitan EyesCream flavors pack a punch (but not the pounds!). There’s something for all tastebuds with this palette of long-lasting, highly pigmented shades. Whether you want to make your eyes pop or change up your everyday look, the Neapolitan palette serves up a variety of cruelty-free, paraben-free and gluten-free flavors for any occasion.



The Neapolitan Palette serves up sugary powdered shades with 7 shimmers and 5 mattes to give you year-round recipe inspo! From summer to winter and from dark to light complexions, the Neapolitan Palette flavors are must-haves in your kitchen. Create your perfect look with Neapolitan flavor combinations, or build it out with scoops of our EyesCream cream shadows and Sprinkles glitter.

Always fun to have Buzzfeed sweet on us, thanks for the shout-out! Click to read the full post below...And don't forget to check back at Beauty Bakerie for the latest sweets, fresh from the oven!

Neapolitan Palette Disco

Check out the article here!

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