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A Letter From Beauty Bakerie

A Letter From Beauty Bakerie

Thank you for your support!

We stand firm by our mission to be Better Not Bitter, and hope to always give back to you as much as you all have given to us. Our growth and success could not be possible without you, and we appreciate all the love, sweet comments, and emails that you send to us each day.

Here at Beauty Bakerie, we find our inspiration in all the sweet things in life. It is such a delight to wake up everyday doing what we love with our Sweets by our side. We are blessed beyond measure to have such a sweet community who takes pleasure in wearing our products, and spreading awareness of our brand and story like sprinkles.   

If there is anything we'd like for our sweet angels to know, it is that anything is possible with a hope and a dream.  

We know that without that, we would not be here today. We have some glamorously delicious things baking in the oven right now, and we cannot wait to share our treats with you all. So again, thank you with all our heart for allowing us this grand opportunity to continue to create and spread sweetness around the globe.   


Beauty Bakerie

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