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The Moment You've Been Waiting For... We're Open!

The Moment You've Been Waiting For... We're Open!

UPDATE: Our Mission Valley Pop-up has closed!

We can hardly believe it! The very first Beauty Bakerie pop up opened last week and we are still gleaming from ear to ear! We’ve worked tremendously hard all year to make sure that the opening was a success and despite the one week delay, it was!

 The event was Friday to Sunday but we got the party started on Wednesday night. We had been given permission by the city to enter considering that construction was still ongoing. Yes-we rolled up our sleeves and dived in to whatever needed to be done! We wanted to make sure it was buttoned up and ready to go for you all.


On the first day of our pop up opening, can you believe that the construction team finished up whatever they could and 30 minutes later we opened the doors? We were so thankful to that team for working overnight many nights to make sure we didn’t have to change the date. We wouldn’t have been able to live with ourselves if we had to push the date back AGAIN and we KNEW that even though many of you were understanding, some of you would be SO mad at us! #NoWay

It was really fun to go out and speak to the crowd waiting. Absolutely could not believe one girl and her friends had slept in their car! Can we say, “SWEET TOOTH, MUCH?!” We loved it. We loved seeing you guys fight to be there just as much as we fought to get the pop up opened, just as much as we worked hard many nights to get displays, fake pastries, counters installed and more! It is because of YOU that we knew we had to keep going. Rub those tired eyes and continue on.

Beauty Bakerie San Diego

On day 2 of the pop up, we had a ribbon cutting with our CEO and Founder Cashmere Nicole. She was actually present all THREE days of the event! She took pictures with you guys, talked with you, asked you why you loved the brand and even met your families. She was inspired! Our host Ashley Rosales took pictures, went live on our social media and helped some Sweets with applying their makeup selections. After the ribbon cutting, the sweetest local beauty gurus and makeup artists participated in a CAKE-OFF. They had to decorate their cupcakes and then see if all of the MESS could break down our Lip Whips. Of course it couldn’t but it was still a TASTY try!

The Sweethearts at Beauty Bakerie

On the last day of our pop up opening, we took Instagram Photo Booth photos with our customers! Many of you were invited back out for FREE makeovers with The Sweethearts!

We will say that we never had the chance to have a silent opening due to the delays of construction so a lot of our preparation was done through mock training and practice. The day we opened was our first day in business! 

You were able to finally try our formidable liquid matte lipsticks, our waterproof eyebrow gel and touch all on our palette and highlighters. We thank every one of our partners, customers, supporters and collaborators for making this a dream come true...finally!

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My sister and I never received the email with the update. We would have loved to be there for the opening.

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