Cooking Class: Beauty Bakerie CEO's Cake-Off Routine

Makeup Removal Tips Straight from the CEO

Our recipe for healthy skin includes taking our cake OFF at the end of the day. You gotta let your skin breathe at night, and prep for the next busy day in the kitchen. Check out our head chef and CEO's skincare routine, and how she removes our waterproof baked goods. Keep reading for makeup removal tips and tricks, straight from Cashmere Nicole!


If you're having trouble getting the cake off, here is my makeup removal routine. If you have any tips, please share them below and leave your Instagram name so I can stalk you if I get some down time! Lol... :) I remove my makeup in these 3 Easy BAKING Tips!

Step 1: Lip Whip Remover

I take a Lip Whip Remover to my face. I make sure to wipe my brows in a back and forth motion so as to remove all of the BROWnies that will stay with you until your death bed if you don't! Lol.

I then go around my entire face. Grabbing a second wipe, I do my entire face again making certain that I am getting close to my ears, all the way around my hairline, the sides of my nose and along my jaw line.

Lastly, and with a new Lip Whip Remover, I remove the Lip Whip from my lips. We all know the staying power behind that Lip Whip is insane. The remover helps to lift the product from my lips gently.

lip whip remover (1).jpg

Step 2: Wash It Away

After wiping until there isn't any visible residual makeup on my eyes or lips, I wash my face with Aveeno's body wash. It is a really mild formula, gentle enough for my skin. I also find it to be pretty hydrating as well. 

If you forget too many nights to wash your makeup off, this is what will happen:

1. Forget to wash off brow product, and eventually you'll have a pimple in your brow. Ew, I know. I survived it.

2. Forget to remove ANY lipstick (Lip Whip or other) from your lips? You'll start noticing a family of small blackheads.

3. Forget to remove face products annnnd you get both blackheads AND whiteheads.

Moral of the story? Keep it clean...and sweet, Sugas.

Step 3: Wake & Bake Hydrating Face Oil

I apply our Wake & Bake Hydrating Face Oil on clean skin to moisturize. With a fresh citrus-y scent, I feel refreshed and I actually think it gives me a glow. Plus it preps my skin for makeup the next day.


That's it! No science to it at all. I know I am the CEO of a makeup company but you'll never hear me say that I wear makeup daily. I think our skin needs a break considering all of the elements it is up against daily (i.e. sun, pollution, second hand smoke, etc). so there's a few reasons to get your cake off at the end of the day!


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