How To Transition Your Makeup For Fall

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Sweets, it’s time for a confession. We love fall, wearing boots, and drinking PSLs, even if it makes us the complete Internet definition of basic. If you’re like us, we can’t wait to swap our coral glosses for matte berry lips and get our black cat eye on.

Fall is the perfect season to introduce some drama into your makeup look. Now that summer is over and fall is here, it’s time to mix up your makeup bag and start baking with this season’s flavors. Take your look from Summer to Fall with our favorite seasonal must-haves and ingredient substitutions.

Swap the Bronzer for Highlighter

Bronzer is great for summer, but come Fall we want to mimic that natural glow. Still want a sprinkle of shimmer? For Autumn, try a pink-toned highlighter. Dust our So Icy Iced Illuminator or Candied Illuminator on the tops of your cheekbones. With hints of coral color, it will warm up your skin and add glow without looking too glittery or overdone.

Swap the Peach for a Berry Lip

After months of enjoying a pretty-peach lip, we’re ready to turn up the drama with deep berry colors in a matte finish for a polished look. Our Raspberry Tiramisu Lip Whip is the perfect mix of red and purple to satisfy your cravings for a raspberry-chocolate inspired lip. Best of all, it’s smudge-proof, so sip away on that PSL without leaving your lipstick on the cup.

Swap Eyeshadow for Gel Eyeliner

What’s the ultimate partner in crime to a berry lip? A black cat eye, and our Black Milk GELato Gel Eyeliner is as black as black eyeliners come. Not used to gel eyeliner or don’t think you can pull off a wing? Think again! There are so many YouTube tutorials that will help you master the look.

Swap the Brow Gel for...More Brow Gel!

Let’s be real: bold brows aren’t going anywhere, especially during the Fall and Winter seasons. Our smudge-proof BROWnies Eyebrow Gel will keep your brows looking fierce and refined. We recommend a shade lighter than your brow color for a natural look, or choose a matching color for a bolder style. Avoid overdrawing your brows, and stay with your natural shape for a gorgeous look for every season.

Beyond Makeup

Fall style goes beyond your makeup! Don’t forget about nails and hair, too. For nails, it’s time to bring out darker flavors like eggplant, navy, and wine. Or, for a more vibrant look, go for rust-colored hues with a glittery finish. For hair, try out some voluminous curls or romantic braids.

Now that your makeup bag is ready for fall, hit the coffee shop for seasonal coffees and get ready to take some Instagram stories at the pumpkin patch! We’ll see you there—we’ll be the ones sipping on pumpkin spice, decked out in our favorite fall makeup looks.

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