Welcome to the Single Life: Gabby Douglas Lip Whip Shades Now as Singles

Welcome to the Single Life: Gabby Douglas Lip Whip Shades Now as Singles

Have you heard of our collab with Gabby Douglas? You might have seen her inspiring millions with her athletic ability at the Olympics, but off the podium, Gabby Douglas has a serious sweet tooth for Beauty Bakerie. (We’re sweet on you too, Gabby!)

With Gabby Douglas in the kitchen, we cooked up a set of five Lip Whip liquid lipstick flavors designed by Gabby herself: Cherry Flambé, Triple Berry Mousse, Hazelnut Swirl (Metallic), Sangria Splash, and Plum Sorbet. No matter your complexion or style, these shades are perfect for any day - whether it’s school, work, or taking on the world. Like our other Lip Whip shades, Gabby’s singles are long-wearing, smudge-proof, and waterproof.

We’re especially delighted to serve up Gabby’s flavors as SINGLES! That’s right, you can now start baking with 1 or all 5 from Gabby’s Lip Whip collection!

Cherry Flambe Gabby Douglas

Cherry Flambé: This bright crimson shade will give you some serious cravings for Cherry Flambé on date night. Baked with love by Gabby Douglass herself, Cherry Flambé is a smudge-proof, fiery red that will quickly become your number one.

Triple Berry Mousse Gabby Douglas

Triple Berry Mousse: A mauve nude, triple berry mousse is the perfect flavor combo of chocolate and dark berry. Gabby Douglas approved, Triple Berry is soft as mousse yet strong as Lip Whip.

Hazelnut Swirl Gabby Douglas

Hazelnut Swirl (Metallic): We’d be in the wrong if we weren’t talking about gold with Gabby -  metallic gold to be precise. Hazelnut Swirl is that much sweeter knowing Gabby brewed it herself. Keep the swirl on your lips and not in your latte with this highly pigmented, metallic matte formula that will.not.budge.

Plum Sorbet Gabby Douglas

Plum Sorbet: Scoop up this bold flavor of our newest sorbet! Whipped with love by Gabby Douglas, Plum Sorbet’s vampy royal color will satisfy all your deep purple cravings in a formula that won’t smudge.

Sangria Splash Gabby Douglas

Sangria Splash: A flavor influenced by fruity red wine, Sangria Splash stays on your lips - not on your glass. Get ready for lip envy with a fruity punch that packs a punch! Curated by Gabby Douglas herself, Sangria Splash adds a dash of berry to the recipe for a perfect lip color.

We can’t wait for more people to test out their favorite Gabby collab Lip Whips! Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Annette Sanchez

Annette Sanchez

You need to bring back the Cherries Flambe and Sangria Splash, they are 2 of my favorites!!!

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