Versailles' Cousins are Coming to Town

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Your sweet tooth has made our Versailles Lip Whip a top seller and we decided to bake you more of what you’re craving! Introducing our Versailles Family; four BRAND NEW shades inspired by you, for you. We’ve expanded our collection to include more universally flattering shades in our signature smudge-proof, waterproof, long-lasting formula!

If mauve tones have you craving more, then these shades will whip you into a frenzy, a Lip Whip frenzy that is! We’ve taken elements of the highly favored Versailles, to create the perfect range for that flawless selfie pout. These four new shades are sure to complement the early sunrise and stick with you until far past sunset.

Time to get to the sweet details! These brand NEW shades will launch October 10th on and will retail for $20.00 each. Don’t worry; if you miss the launch, these sweets are here to stay in our Lip Whip collection!

                                      This is one family everyone is going to love!

Syruptitious definition makes those boys go loco! This deep pink-berry tone will have them coming back for more. 

Chai Chai real smooth with I Like to Chai Chai. A cool toned dusty rose sure to dance its way into your everyday look.

Honey Lip WhipUh-huh, Honey! Smear on a slightly pinker sienna for a romantic evening with your Honey or to catch some bees of your own.

Bubblefum CrisisWe’re here to help with your Bubblegum Crisis. Throw in a little extra pink to add a pop to any look. No crisis will shake this from your lips!

 So whether you are trying to achieve a natural look, creating a subtle yet “I’m here to slay” canvas for work, or heading out full-glam for date night, we’ve got you covered with any one of these 4 NEW shades! We very much enjoyed mixing all the right ingredients in the Bakerie to create these variations of our Versailles Matte Lip Whip. Not only are they the perfect everyday liquid lipstick shades, but are ultimately perfect for all skin tones!

These baked goods have been baking long enough and we can’t wait to see our Sweeties cakin' in them! You’ll want to enjoy our new range inspired by Versailles, that suits day to night and every moment in between. Versailles' cousins are coming to town, so don't forget to visit them October 10th on! ;)

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I love them all! I want it! I have a Question. You will release a Gift Set with Versailles Cousins? ?

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