Best Lipstick for You: Matte, Stain, Gloss, or Classic?

With so many types of lipsticks out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. Every type of lipstick is beautiful and offers its own unique qualities, but every Sweet Girl should know exactly what type of lip color to wear to tackle the twists and turns of her busy life.

Keep reading to find the best lipstick type for you!


Matte lipsticks go on liquid and dry matte, meaning they aren’t shiny like gloss or classic lipsticks. Think of a suede jacket versus patent leather jacket. Mattes are smooth and sultry, and offers long-lasting, smudge-proof and waterproof color that is often not possible with classic lipsticks that tend to wear off from eating, drinking, smooching, and general living.

Matte liquid lipsticks provide opaque, full-on color that can't be overlooked! If you think mattes are the best lipsticks for you, check out our super-vibrant, ultra-matte liquid Lip Whips for head-turning, all-day wear. If you're asking, "How will I ever get it off?" Matte Lip Whips are easily removed with our oil-based Lip Whip Remover.


Stain are gel-like lipsticks that are like the patent-leather alter-ego to matte liquid lipsticks. Stains are fast-drying, offer more shine than mattes, and are more translucent than opaque. This means that you may need to layer it on or reapply a few times during wear to maintain a high-pigment impact.

One thing to note with a stain lipstick is that they...stain! If the idea of a lip color staining your lips puts a bitter taste in your mouth, opt for a pigmented matte lipstick that won't budge. If you're fine with the stain, you just found the new best lipstick for you!


A gloss is much different than a traditional, high-pigment lipstick since it adds shine and texture to lips, rather than altering your lip color. They're also having a moment right now, paired with smokey eyes! Glosses could be the best lipstick option for you if you're looking to pair them with casual looks and wear them on days when you need extra moisture.

Gloss can be great on a daily basis, but for date night or a special event, a lipstick with more color (matte, stain, or classic) will be the better option to prevent you from getting washed out in photos, or in a dimly-lit restaurant!


Classic lipsticks are the creams you find in the tube or in a pot. Sometimes called "bullet lipsticks," the classic finish has been around for a long time. And for good reason! When you’re going out for a drink and just need an instant boost of color, a classic lipstick will do the trick.They are pigmented, shiny, and offer lots of instant bold color, but the downside is that they wear off quickly.

When you’re planning a long evening out, or you want to ensure your lip color lasts throughout every part of your busy day, a matte lipstick will give you more long-lasting color.

New products launch on the daily, but once you choose between these traditional types of lipstick, you'll be able to find the best lipstick (and color) for you! 

Check out the Beauty Bakerie lip finishes and own every look, from everyday to the red carpet.

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