5 Biggest Eyebrow Mistakes You're Making

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Beautiful, properly groomed brows drastically boost your features and should be an important part of your beauty care routine just as choosing the right lipstick or eye color. Whatever you do, avoid these top eyebrow mistakes and showcase your facial features in the best possible way.

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Mistake #1: Over Plucking

Ultra-thin eyebrows that have been over plucked take away from the features of your face, create an unnatural look, and when penciled-in, can result in a harsh expression. Wait to pluck every three weeks to allow over plucked hairs to grow in, and maintain them about once per week.


Mistake #2: Removing Too Much Off the Sides

Many women over-pluck their eyebrows from the center in their effort to avoid a unibrow at all costs, but your eyebrows are meant to line up with the bridge of your nose, and extend the length of the outer corner of your eyes. When they are too short, they affect the proportions of your features and make your nose appear larger and your eyes too far apart.


Mistake #3: Trying to Make Them Identical

Your face is not perfectly symmetrical, and each eyebrow should be plucked and groomed individually and in form with their natural shape. One helpful tip to remember is that your eyebrows should be sisters, not twins.


Mistake #4: Making Too Much of an Arch (And Putting it in the Wrong Spot)

Shaping your eyebrows into tadpoles with too-high of arches will make you look like you’re constantly surprised. Your natural arch is about two-thirds in from the start of your eyebrows. Once you find your natural arch, don’t over pluck and try to exaggerate it. Tweeze just a bit below the brow to create that subtle lift.


Mistake #5: Choosing Too-Dark of an Eyebrow Filler (And Using It Wrong)

While eyebrow fillers are often recommended by makeup artists, it is crucial you choose the right shade. Using too dark of an eyebrow filler will make your brows look unnaturally prominent on your face. It should be applied with a light hand and shouldn’t fill in your entire brow. Avoid an eyebrow powder and choose an eyebrow gel which should be applied using an angled eyebrow brush to create natural-looking brow hairs.


Check out Beauty Bakerie’s BROWnies, a long-lasting eyebrow gel that will help you create beautiful, naturally filled-in brows that enhance your features.

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