Fall is Here! Beauty Bakerie Hot Cocoa Set

Fall is Here! Beauty Bakerie Hot Cocoa Set

It's officially Autumn Sweeties, and we can’t tell you how excited we are about it! The leaves are beginning to change color, pumpkin spice lattes are the heart of our mornings, and fall fashion and beauty trends are in full effect. Here at Beauty Bakerie we have been mixing up some batter to give you the sweetest gift this fall. Hot Cocoa Gift Set

If warm tones and neutrals have you longing for all things fall, then we know you’ll want to coat your lips with our Hot Cocoa Gift Set. You heard right; we’ve got the sweets you’ve been craving for upcoming months. We pieced together some of your favorite Lip Whips into one fall inspired set to meet this season’s every liquid matte lipstick need!

The Hot Cocoa Gift Set will include: S’mores D’oeuvres, Swiss Mocha Frappe, Fortune Cookie, Louvre Palace, French Toast, and Gingersnap. If this didn’t create an immediate craving, then you’ll want to stay tuned for this next part! The Hot Cocoa Gift Set will retail for $100.00 exclusively on BeautyBakerie.com, and will launch October 1, 2016. We can’t wait for the timer to go off on our ovens to serve it to you fresh!

Let’s review the ingredients that make our delicious Beauty Bakerie Hot Cocoa Set:

  • S’mores D’oeuvres is a rich brown shade that coordinates just right with your knee-high boots.
  • Swiss Mocha Frappe is a cool toned gray, with brown and lavender undertones reminiscent of a crisp morning.
  • Fortune Cookie is an everyday neutral shade, with brown and pink undertones for a fresh look.
  • Louvre Palace is like that of a chameleon. Depending on the natural lip undertone, it can appear a light pink to a warm coral shade just like the changing leaves.
  • French Toast swatches just like it sounds. It is a pale shade with light brown undertones reminding you of your favorite cozy mittens.
  • Ginger Snap is a burnt orange shade, with red and brown undertones to match the fiery sunset.

Hot Cocoa Gift Set Arm SwatchNot only is the Beauty Bakerie Hot Cocoa Set perfectly paired with your favorite flannels and scarves, but it also includes the right nudes for every skin tone. Make a statement with a two-toned look or keep it cool with some Swiss Mocha Frappe. The Hot Cocoa Gift Set has got you covered for all of your fall festivities.
When you’re ready to curl up by the fire and watch your favorite fall time film, simply grab a Lip Whip Remover pad to wipe away your smudge-free Lip Whip.  

Stay warm this Fall with our Hot Cocoa Gift Set!

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4 Responses

Tracy Miller

December 08, 2016

I am trying to order the hot cocoa set. I can’t find a link.

Jody K

October 18, 2016

The Lip Whip long-lasting wearability is fabulous! Working for an airline I smile all day and the lip whip never disappoints. I like that it does not fade or bleed on 53 year old lips. Fast shipping in the US too.

Erin McKenzie

September 27, 2016

Woohoo! Got my first order today and I am hooked!! This sugar scrub has me all sorts of happy! And now that I have one trusty shade of red I’ll need a nude…and a pink…and a bold color…and a metallic…oh heck I need them ALL!

Jane Weber

September 25, 2016

A big thank you for this wonderful product….Lip whips plus super fast delivery service to Germany awesome.