How To Apply Eyescream Eyeshadows

Beauty Bakerie Eyescream

Beauty Bakerie’s Eyescreams glide on smooth, can be matte or metallic, and stay put for long-lasting waterproof wear. There are many reasons to increase your cream intake in your beauty routine, but it can be a little tricky to get the application just right. Follow our tips and achieve perfectly-blended, beautiful eyes all dressed up in trend-setting cream eyeshadows.


1. Start with a clean surface on the lids

Before you begin applying EyesCream, be sure your lids are clean from oil and any makeup for a flawless foundation that won’t make the EyesCream shadow clump or cake up if it adheres to any leftover residue.

2. Apply a cream eyeshadow primer

An eyeshadow primer is usually a light-colored product that won’t interfere with the colors of the shadow and is meant to give the cream shadow a surface to stick to for all-day-long wear. If you don’t have a primer, you can use our Pancake EyesCream as a base.

3. Use the right tools

You can either use a makeup brush or your finger to apply the cream eyeshadow. Your fingers are a good tool if you want a more sheer look and are perfect for smoothing and blending. A flat, synthetic makeup brush can help you layer and build colors better for a more concentrated look.

4. Start with light colors and then layer and blend

With either your finger or a brush, start with the lightest of the colors like Pancake, Baker’s Tan, or Cookie Dough as the base. Gently dab the eyeshadow on your lid, crease, and brow bone, and apply in a thin layer to prevent caking. Next, choose the medium-toned to dark color such as Baker’s Tan or Fudge It All and swipe it just above the lid to accentuate the crease and outer corner. Dab on a metallic EyesCream like Galactic Frosting in the center of the lid and the inner corners to add some highlight.

EyesCreams are formulated to be smudge-resistant and long-lasting, so you don’t need to set them with a powder to enjoy all-day wear.

If you’re looking for cruelty-free, vegan-friendly cream eyeshadows that will provide you with long-lasting, waterproof looks perfect for any occasion, head over to Beauty Bakerie’s EyesCream selection.


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