Breast Cancer Awareness 2018

Pinktober: A Message From Our Founder

Cashmere Nicole, Founder and CEO of Beauty Bakerie is laying down smiling while drinking a milkshake. Pinktober October Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breastcancer survivor.

To My Sweet People, 

It’s another Pinktober that we get to celebrate together! I look at my body and wonder how I got through this, and I think of those still there now, fighting, hoping, wishing…trying to get enough energy to eat or drink something, wondering what part of their womanhood will be affected by the loss of hair or loss of breasts... I think of those who have no idea they’re in harm's way. Those who unknowingly give their power away innocently thinking they can skip their self-exams. I once believed this conversation was the furthest thing from my reality. It was someone’s, but certainly not mine. Until it was mine.

I want you here! So many of us do! I hope that you are doing what you can to have another birthday: checking yourself out, monthly self-exams, following up with your doctor, eating well, exercising.

I’m excited that I’ve been in recent talks to do even more in this area of our community; to spearhead discussions, spark thoughts, encourage action all while promoting healthy living. I can’t wait to share more. If there’s one thing that is important for you to know now, one thing you cannot afford to not know - it’s that you hold the power in any room.

Too often we walk into the doctor’s office waiting to be directed. This is your life we are discussing, Suga! Lift your chin, drop your shoulders and lead you! Start with small commitments to hiring the right doctors who care, check your breasts, regularly getting your mammograms, and following up on any concerns. You got this!

All my love, light and cake

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Happy Holidays to my Suga fam

Happy Holidays to my Suga fam

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