Summer Lip Care Tips

Summer Lip Care Tips

Beauty Bakerie Summer Lip Care

Oh Sugar, Sugar! The sun is out, so it's time to prep your pout.

Lip care is essential year-round, but especially when the sun is beating down and creating skin sensitivity. Here’s our simple recipe to combat the wear and tear of the summer sun and maintain soft, supple lips.

One simple lip care tip to keep your lips soft in summer is to drink water. As the summer sun gets hotter, your lips need extra water. But don’t lick your lips, no matter how great our baked goods look! Wetting or licking your lips too often can create irritation. Chapped lips result in dry, flaky skin – not great for long-lasting lipstick.

If you’ve already been to hydration station but you still have chapped lips, you should exfoliate! Exfoliating will even out any imperfections on your lips, like uneven tone, dry skin, and fine lines. If you’re in the market for a scrub, taste test our Sugar Lip Scrub! The oil nourishes and softens your lips, while the sugar granules softly exfoliate away impurities.

Sugar Lip Scrub will protect your lips and prepare them for the perfect Lip Whip pout. Whether you’re hanging out poolside, soaking up the sun, or browsing on the boardwalk, Sugar Lip Scrub is an easy addition to your summer routine.

Want a beautiful pout that you can brag about? Here’s the dish on our scrub: simply rub Sugar Lip Scrub onto clean lips with your finger in a circular motion, then wipe away the excess. For ultra-soft, sugar-coated kisses, try a small amount of Sugar Lip Scrub on your lips at night for deep hydration. Just a couple simple steps to a smooth surface ready for Lip Whip application!

Following these lip care tips, you’ll have a perfectly prepped pucker, ready to seize the day.

Sugar Coated Kisses,

Beauty Bakerie

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