Things Are Getting Chilly: Welcome Winter and So Icy Illuminators

Beauty Bakerie So Icy Illuminators

Our frozen goodies have been sitting on ice long enough and things are about to get chilly.

Here at Beauty Bakerie we take inspiration from everything around us. Seeing the frosted iridescence that comes with the cold seasons inspired us to create an illuminator that shows everyone who the real ice queen is. So, we have taken a small break from baking to making frozen treats sure to delight! 

Our So Icy Illuminator collection consists of 5 shades and launches on November 17, 2016, exclusively on BeautyBakerie.com. Careful, they're blinding and people will notice that SNOW glow.


With the holiday's coming, it's time to sparkle! So Icy Illuminator adds light and life to any look. 

So Icy has SO many uses:

  • dust to highlight specific face & body features
  • swipe lightly over cheeks as a blush topper
  • add shimmer to your eye shadow

Each So Icy Illuminator comes with 13 grams of loose product and will retail for $36.

Meet our versatile shades that stun on all skin tones:

  • Iced: This frosty pink highlight gives you the perfect just hit the slopes, snow bunny look.
  • Glistened: Gold is the currency that rules the world and this gold-toned highlight commands attention.
  • Frosted: Mimic the fresh blanket of snow glisten with this highlight that reflects gold, pink, and silver shimmer.
  • Glazed: Bronze goddesses rejoice! This bronze highlight will enhance your natural glow and keep you looking immortalized.
  • Frozen: Our peachy our toned illuminator keeps the boys eyes "frozened" on you.

Whether you want a subtle sheen that just catches the light or a highlight that's seen from a mile away, Beauty Bakerie has got you covered! We mixed, perfected, and froze all the right ingredients together to create this delightful treat. We can't wait to serve you a scoop of our So Icy Illuminators.

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“Each So Icy Illuminator comes with 13 grams of loose product and will retail for $36.”



They retail for $36 :(



How much will the new illuminators cost, and, will they come in an ice cream container?

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