What Color Lipstick Should I Wear? Question, Answered.

What Color Lipstick Should I Wear? Question, Answered.

Just like the Mona Lisa the Louvre Museum is known around the world - Beauty Bakerie's Louvre Palace Lip Whip, is too. Louvre Palace is a light pink, tinted, nude lipstick that is a MUST for all skin tones and color palettes.

It is subtle enough to be sweet, but pigmented to be sultry. We sought to answer the question "What lipstick color should i wear?". It's the perfect effortless shade to have on stand-by. We are so in love with Louvre Palace, and our cake-mates are as well. Here are a few pics of some Louvre looks they've cooked up. 


Look #1: Soft and Subtle.

The pop of blue on her lids, creates a dynamic feel. In addition to contrasting, this blonde bombshell contoured her cheeks to draw in another focal point, leading to her luscious Louvre lips.  You'll never catch Belladune asking, "What color lipstick should I wear?! La la perfection!

Look #2: Candy-Coated.

For this candy-coated concoction, Louvre Palace perfects the lips. It appears warm in color and more dramatic, due to her natural red lip undertones. What makes this Louvre look a show-stopper, is the contrasting Mint Bacio GELato on the waterline, dramatic wing-tips, and bold brows using brown BROWnies.

Look #3: Illuminating.

With Illuminator on the inner corners of the eye, you can create dimension. The waterline of the eye has a vibrant splash of purple, that pulls attention downward towards the lips. Note that Louvre is shown as a soft pink over his natural lip tone. This look is also topped with a clear gloss for some extra shine.

Look #4: Sultry.

In this look, Louvre Palace appears as a muted matte shade! Beautifully coated on her lips, Louvre is at its lightest shade of pink and is just as lovely. As in all of the other looks, contrasting elements provide for quite the glamorous look!

So, there you have it! Everyone has a reason to la, la, love Louvre Palace liquid matte lipstick. It is versatile for all skin tones, and can make a subtle or bold statement. What a great shade for #SweetSummer16.  Stay tuned for more "what color lipstick should I wear?" tips and be sure to share your Louvre Palace look with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to inspire others to keep cooking up unique Beauty Bakerie confections!

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