Up Your Contrast with Bold Blues and Other Hues

Calling all bakers!

We’ve got the secret recipe to make sure your makeup is the only accessory you’ll need this summer. Sydney Bergeron Mikus, fashion specialist and writer for Nylon, guides us on how to create a captivating look full of contrasting colors. Sydney's favorite thing about fashion and beauty is "performing different personas through your styling."

Sydney's persona looks bold and beautiful with defined brows, subtle eyes, and piercing lips. She is featured wearing the TeddyGrahams EyeScream – a great neutral hue for any skin tone.

BROWnies defines her brow drawing attention directly to her eyes and dramatically shapes her face. Mint Bacio GELato eyeliner gives her eyes a pop of color, which directly contrasts the Raspberry Tiramisu Lip Whip – the second focal point of this well-crafted contrast. "I usually opt for bright colors, glitter, flora, and other things that make me smile," said Sydney and we agree! It's hard to clash with inspired contrasting colors that you love.

Creating contrast is simple.

Pick a color you love - any color! Sydney said, "Fashion and beauty should be about what you like, not what other people tell you is the right style." Apple Pear Smoothie Lip Whip? No problem. Frosted Plums EyeScream is the perfect contrast to a sweet, crisp lip. Picking contrasting colors is simple. But, Sydney notes, "Make sure you have time to experiment. When I'm testing out a new beauty look, I always give myself plenty of time to redo it in case it doesn't work how I intended. I also like to test out styles on days when I don't have any important meetings planned, and wear the makeup all day long to see if it still holds up, and if I still like it by the end of the day. Other than that, have fun and throw out all the beauty rules anyone ever told you."


Bae Cake_3.jpg

Sydney's contrasting colors palette reminds us that Beauty Bakerie’s smudge-free and waterproof makeup is all you need this summer to make a statement.  So be prepared to lock eyes… and lips, because Beauty Bakerie has many options to draw attention to both prominent focal points.  Sydney was even sweet enough to divulge what was next in her Beauty Bakerie cookbook. She's embracing her blues! "I recently tried out a new look that I really love, which my friend photographed for me as we adventured throughout Brooklyn. I wore Bae Cake Lip Whip, Dulce Agua Gelato and Mint Bacio Gelato on my eyebrows, and Lemonade Stand Gelato as eyeliner." It sounds perfect for #SweetSummer16!  So there you have it, cake-mates! Now, you too, can cook up confident looks of contrast.  

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