Get In Line! THIS Is How to Apply Eyeliner

Get In Line! THIS Is How to Apply Eyeliner

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Plain eyeliner is just that—plain. Which is fine; ladies who know how to apply eyeliner know that #SweetSummer16 has far too many amazing looks—you have to try something new! Gel eyeliner makes it easy even for a beginner to rock a spectacular eyeliner look. And cruelty–free is always the way to go!

Black Milk GELato Gel Eyeliner
Cat eyes have been a trend for a while now, and there’s no stopping this style. If anything, it’s a makeup look that’s not going away. @Beautybyttee (above) kills it with this cat eye style using our Black Milk GELato.  Now that's how you apply eyeliner!

From subtle and sweet mini-wings to dramatic double extended lines, to flat-out sultry smoky cat eyes, you’re sure to be noticed with this felinely fantastic trend. An exaggerated cat eye (think Adele’s sweeping look!) is a sophisticated style, especially when paired with mile-long false lashes. Cat eyes have nine lives—maybe even more!

And this look is easier than you think. It takes a steady hand, (and maybe a little practice), but soon you’ll be creating luscious looks for daytime and sexy styles for evenings out. Use a baking tip from Beauty Bakerie and line from the inside of your eye to the center of your lash line, then sweep the eyeliner from the outer wing to meet it.

We know that when black liner is used, the eyes appear smaller and when white liner is used it can make your eyes appear larger. You can apply our So Marshmallow GELato to the inner corners of your eyes to really emphasize the size. A thick lined white wing is a showstopper, especially when paired with a thin black line alongside it. Basic black and bright white are only the beginning of 2016 summer eyeliner trends.

Black Milk GELato Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand - 1

Blue liner is stunning and it has the added bonus of making the whites of your eyes look whiter, diminishing any redness in your eye. Bright blue liner like our Mint Bacio GELato seen here on @jayblissy is a stand out! This is super-glam, but one popular trend is to apply it only to the lower lash line. And just like white liner, a dab of a blue hue in the inner corners will open up your eyes and make you look bright-eyed and refreshed. Pink, blue, or yellow eyeliner? Yes, please. This is a modern look that we saw all over the runways. And you can rock it, too. A thin line on the top lash line, starting in the middle of the eye and sweeping out is fresh and feminine. Our Lemonade Stand GELato is a bold statement as shown here on @angela_cuneo.

A knockout look is to sweep two precise cat eye lines out from the outer eye, and fill the space in between with a light color of eye shadow, being careful not to mix the two. Or you can sweep two lines—one on top and one on the bottom, leaving naked skin in between—it’s a “negative space” look that expertly creates a simple yet sophisticated look.
You don’t have to stop there. You can use bold horizontal lines across your eyelids, almost up to the brow. The trick is to pair this with a pale lip color and dewy-looking skin.

A smoky eye can be a look for daytime or a night out. Check out the look from @mack_ lc using both Black Milk and Cioccolato GELato. Tips on how to apply eyeliner you ask? Start with black liner on the top lash line, extending out to a dramatic cat eye. Then layer our Cookie Dough EyesCream on the lid and let it set.

So there you have it! That's the full scoop on how to apply eyeliner using our sweet GELatos and EyesCreams!  Cake-spiration that uses the unique #SweetSummer16 eyeliner trends you’ll be rocking all year! Think of your eyelids as a canvas for all kinds of eye candy.



Beauty Bakerie


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Your have done a wonderful eye makeup. I just loved it :*
Whenever I try to apply an eyeliner on my eyes, it always create a messy look.
Would you please suggest me some more tips to create a flawless winged eyeliner ?

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