Cinnamon Roll

Metallic Lip Whip

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Melt the butter. Set it aside. Combine your brown sugar, pecans, cinnamon and walk away. That's right. You can finish prepping AFTER you apply your Cinnamon Roll Metallic Lip Whip. Now, your favorite pastry can glide across your lips. Let the cinnamon color and metallic finish give your lips an eye-turning glow!
3.5 mL

Cruelty free

Gluten free

Smudge proof


  • Long-lasting, smudgeproof, and waterproof.
  • Don't worry about eating your makeup with our Lip Whips. They stay on your lips not your food!
  • Apply your Lip Whip and leave it at home. Don't worry about reapplying.
  • It's vegan!


Kitchen Tested Oven approved

Valerie W.

This lipstick is the truth!!!

I have three colors so far and Cinnamon Roll is my favorite. I have a dark complexion and the hues of the Cinnamon Roll color compliments my skin tone so well. I get stares and compliments constantly when I'm out wearing this color. I have the freedom of not having to check my mirror to re-apply lipstick after drinking or eating.

Kiana B.

LOVE this color!!

This color looks so beautiful on my skin. My co-worker said that I looked like an Egyptian Goddess when I wore it for the first time! 😁

Ajee A.

I love it!

I loved how this looks on my skin, it was a pop of darkness that has that sheen I wanted. Also, this was one of the most difficult lip mattes ever to remove, which is good because I knew it would last and wouldn't cake. Yay for cinnamon!!

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