Celebrating Black History Month with Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips

Celebrating Black History Month with Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips

If you're looking to expand your makeup collection to include women-founded and black-owned beauty brands, look no further than Beauty Bakerie. Featured on go-to sites for fashion and beauty news, Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips are a great way to support black-owned business during February's Black History Month. Read on for reviews from Hello Giggles, Essence, InStyle, POPSUGAR, Huffington Post, Yahoo, and Bravo.

Hello Giggles

Hello Giggles highlighted our founder and CEO Cashmere Nicole's mission: to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others, along with Beauty Bakerie's intention to create inclusive products for all skin types and tones. Here's what Hello Giggles said about founders who put inclusion first, "People of color need a seat at the proverbial table in the beauty industry. Cue these boss brands and the creators behind them, who are putting people of color at the forefront."

Raspberry Tiramisú Lip Whip Liquid Matte Lipstick - Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand - 3

With cute packaging and high-quality ingredients, our smudge-proof Lip Whips give you back the moments that matter. Hello Giggles recommended Raspberry Tiramisú Matte Lip Whip to test out waterproof, life-proof pigment.

Read the full Hello Giggles article here.


Highlighting black-owned beauty brands to support during Black History Month, Essence showed off Beauty Bakerie's She's Just Jelly Matte Lip Whip, saying, "You’ll fall in love with these bakery inspired cosmetics made with brown girls in mind." We think Essence chose the right color - She's Just Jelly is Allure- and Jackie Aina-approved


In honor of Black History Month, InStyle celebrated Beauty Bakerie CEO Cashmere Nicole and the brand she created, saying "Today, the cruelty-free company is a full-blown success with a stamp of approval from Beyonce herself and nearly 450,000 Instagram followers." With a line of smudge-proof products, Beauty Bakerie has made a commitment to being diverse and inclusive in their skin tone offerings.

Read the full article on InStyle here.


We're feeling good after reading Popsugar's review of our Lip Whips - just in time to support during Black History Month! Calling out women-owed cosmetics companies, Popsugar complimented our CEO Cashmere Nicole saying, "...a generation of ambitious female founders...have created some of today's most coveted brands."

Berried Metallic Lip Whip Metallic Liquid Matte Lipstick - Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand - 3

While battling breast cancer, Cashmere worked on her dream of creating a beauty brand. Her breast cancer treatment made her ingredient-conscious, and inspired Beauty Bakerie's collection of vegan, nontoxic, and cruelty-free products. So where do you start? Popsugar recommended our Berried Metallic Lip Whip.

Huffington Post

Huffington Post reviewed our smudge-proof Lip Whips, praising the smudge-proof, all-day color. Beauty Bakerie, founded by CEO Cashmere Nicole, also serves up eye shadow palettes, highlighters, setting powders and concealers in a variety of shades to fulfill on our mission to be an inclusive brand.


Echoing Huffington Post's article on Beauty Bakerie's smudge-proof Lip Whips and inclusive product line, Yahoo highlighted our founder and CEO Cashmere Nicole.

Click here to read the full article on Yahoo.


Heralding Beauty Bakerie as one of the "groundbreaking brands headed by people of color" Bravo emphasized inclusion in the beauty industry, and how Beauty Bakerie is leading the way for consumers that are "underrepresented and under-served." Bravo highlighted our cruelty-free certification, our Lip Whips (plus Lip Whip Remover!), and our Flour Setting Powder.

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