NEW Riley Rose Store Reviewed by Beauty Bakerie Fans

NEW Riley Rose Store Reviewed by Beauty Bakerie Fans

Complete with photos of the displays, these Riley Rose store reviews were quick to feature Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand. Both Revelist and Bustle reviewed the new Riley Rose experience, in store and online. Now the only question is where you'll shop first!


Revelist served up a standout review for Beauty Bakerie at Riley Rose. With dedicated Beauty Bakerie fans located across the country, one took it upon herself to visit her nearest Riley Rose by three trains and a taxi. Special shout-out to you, Sweets!

"I literally HUGGED the whole shelf when I saw the Black-owned company on display."

Revelist writer Marqueysa Battle soaked in the Beauty Bakerie display, and gave readers some background into our CEO and Founder Cashmere Nicole, saying "Black women deserve to find products that suit them in makeup *and* to be embraced as business owners in the beauty industry. We aren't just consumers; we're creators, too."

At the end of the visit, Revelist grabbed a Grape Life Metallic Lip Whip from Riley Rose.

The Grape Life Metallic Lip Whip Metallic Liquid Matte Lipstick - Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand - 1


Bustle revealed the concept for Riley Rose, while highlighting the indie brands that stock the shelves, including Baker's Favorites from Beauty Bakerie!

The whole idea for Riley Rose began at its parent company Forever 21, where the creators wanted to build a beauty hub for millennials and customers in search of indie brands and products. A "lifestyle destination," Riley Rose sells Instagram-loved beauty brands and cult faves that are highly sought-after, but often not easy to find. 

Riley Rose Display from Revelist

Photo courtesy of Revelist

Riley Rose's makeup selection ranges from palettes and brushes to face oils to skincare products, so there's plenty to love... And check out the Beauty Bakerie display when you go!

Click here for the full list of store openings and locations.

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