Cooking Class: Lip Whip Prep 101

Cooking Class: Lip Whip Prep 101

We have a special treat for all our Cake Angels!  

Our most frequent request is how to prep your lips for our smudge-free Lip Whips, and we are here to give you the scoop on just that! With these two everyday simple steps below, you'll be able to take your lips from zero to 100 real quick.

Step One

Take our Sugar Lip Scrub and apply it directly on the lips. You can either use your finger or a tooth brush to gently rub the lip scrub into your lips (we recommend doing so in a circular motion).  By the way, this first step is VERY important in removing any harsh or dry skin from that sweet pout. In a matter of a minute, you'll see just how plump and smooth your lips will feel... and ready for simple step two!

Step Two

Apply a thin layer of the same lip scrub to your lips. This time, do not scrub them and instead allow the product to re-hydrate and add the moisture back into your lips. We never want to exfoliate without re-hydrating! Bad combo.

We hope you all enjoyed this quick and easy 2-step tutorial.  We can't stress enough how important it is to prep your lips on a daily basis.  With the cold weather kicking in, this little lip prep guide is a MUST before applying our Lip Whips.  Here at Beauty Bakerie, this is the number one recipe in our cookbook, and we hope you'll be adding this one to yours too!

Sugar Lip Scrub Lip Care - Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand - 2

If you've made it to the end of this little tutorial, then you're in for another sweet treat!  We have a special little announcement for our Sweet Navy.  We'd like to let you all know that some of your Lip Whip favorites are out of the oven:  Bae Cake, Trés Jolie, and Louvre Palace just to name a few. ;)  Keep an eye out on our social media's (Instagram: @beautybakeriemakeup, Facebook: Beauty Bakerie, Twitter: @beautybakerie Pinterest: Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics) for their oven release date!

Okay Cake Angels, you heard it here. Now go and spread kindness like sprinkles and sweeten up someones day! We look forward to seeing all of the looks you've created using our official hashtags #beautybakerie and  #CaughtCakin 


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