Lip Whip How-To's and Confessions!

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Hey Cake Angels!

These are our confessions, just when we thought we said all we could say... Okay, okay, so we decided to do a series on our infamous Lip Whips because 1, they make the world sweeter, and 2, everyone and their Sugar Momma wants to know how to properly apply them.  Well, we're here to give you the scoop on just that!

If you follow us on our social media's, you've seen all the smudge tests done by Sweets around the globe. Not only do these smudge tests do these smudge tests prove the power behind our SMUDGE-FREE formula, but that our Lip Whips are highly favored due to their long lasting ability. Today, we will tell you how to properly apply our Lip Whips so that you too can experience the #SweetLife. 

Step 1:  Prepare you lips using our simple Lip Whip Prep 101 techniques, including our Sugar Lip Scrub.

Step 2:  Take any one of our Lip Whips and apply it onto the lips evenly. With  one application you're GOLDEN, but you're more than welcome to pack on the cake. Just wait a few minutes between servings of your Lip Whip of choice, to make sure it dries completely!

Step 3:  After applying the Lip Whip, let it bake on the lips for about 1-3 minutes.

Step 4:  Voilà! You're ready to swim, eat, kiss your babies or your Bakers Man, drink, workout, sleep, and even run your fingers across the lips. (Our Lip Whips are SMUDGE-FREE and FULL-PROOF unless mixed with oil).

Step 5: When you're ready for cake-off at the end of the day, take off your new favorite liquid lipstick with our Lip Whip Remover.

Watch the ever-so-gorgeous @j_make_up swatch two of our most popular Lip Whips, Mon Chéri and Très Jolie! She always creates the most flawless application. :* 

We hope you enjoyed our easy Lip Whip application tutorial, as much as we did giving you the scoop! If you have any inquiries regarding our products, feel free to email us or drop a line on any one of our social media's.  We love to hear from you all!  Thank you Cake Angels for your continuous support! It means more than you know! 

Before I sign out, don't forget to use our official hashtags #BeautyBakerie and #CaughtCakin so we can see and share your photos! 



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Beauty Bakerie Marketing Team

Beauty Bakerie Marketing Team

Hey Liz! Our blog on Do’s and Donuts for Lip Whips might help you out with application tips! Here’s the link: Let us know if you have any questions!



If my lip whip is transferring a little, does that mean I did something wrong in application? I put it on 2 hours ago and I’ve had a non-oily lunch. It’s transferring less than regular lipsticks but it’s not staying like in your videos. (I even got a little smudge.) Is there something different I should be doing?

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